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Everyone has started calling me the WordPress Whisperer.  I do love to play with the sites and get them to do all that I can dream up.  So if you are looking for help.  I don’t resist that urge very often to help and offer my expertise to all.  So come on in and check things out.  I have been so busy helping others get their sites up and going I have been neglecting my own.  But that will be changing as I want to show everyone how beautiful they can be.  This will be a place where I can tell people to go to see what new things I have come up with to help. So check out all the sites below that I have setup and help admin for. If you really want to make my day I hope you chose to follow my blog.  Thank you again for letting me play and design!  I love every minute.

So check out all the sites I have set up for people below and help admin for.  I hope that you filled out that little follow option so we I send updates you get notified.  Click the button on the site you wish to visit.

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From WordPress site design, to music videos, wallpapers and banners for your computer or stories.  Contact me if  you would like to chat about what you need help with or would like created.

Individual Approach

An individual approach seems to work better for me and those I work with.  Lots of collaborative effort to get you what you want.

Modern Technologies

I use Sony Vegas Pro 13 for video editing and Photoshop for all other artwork.