Ladies and Gentlemen,

As much as I have enjoyed working with everyone in setting up their WordPress and other sites, and as much as I’ve enjoyed helping people out with whatever computer-type issues they may have, sadly I no longer have the time to volunteer to do these things.

Between working, living my own life, spending time with my family, and trying to make ends meet, I don’t have time to do this for free anymore. What looks like small adjustments sometimes takes me hours to do, and what seems like a small task can take me days to do – that means that I’m sometimes spending six to eight hours working after I get home from work.

Something has to give, and this is it.

However, I am willing to hire out my services on a first come, first pay basis.  Please feel free to contact below with questions or requests

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A new website!

Hello all!

We (Gyllene and I) have a new site we have started a book blog, My Golden Reads.  So swing by and look, comment leave best wishes. There are deals and steals, reviews and lots and lots of books.  We update daily with new pages and posts.  Come join us!!!

Stay Golden ~ Robin

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