Charlie Hunnam Rocks!!

Charlie Hunnam Rocks!!

As those who work with me know I have been on a bit of a Charlie Hunnam kick recently.  So I have created a new page dedicated just to his characters.  Whether it is Jax, Raleigh, or Gavin I love them all.  So swing by when you have time and check out my new page.  It has the most recent photoshop edits and even the lastest music video which was a Jax tribute.  I will hopefully have more soon.



Click the gif below to go to Charlie’s Treasures page


I Blame Harley!!!

I Blame Harley!!!

Hello everyone…Yes, I blame Harley…Yes ,she knows….and Yes, she takes full responsibility for it. So here is what happened I had a day off of work and thought hey why not spend the day reading. But none of my Eric stories had updated and I saw a post where Harley had updated her crossover story The Shield of Anarchy (you can find this addictive story HERE  (but you have been warned!)  At that time she only had 17 chapters up I devoured the whole story in one day.  Here is my review I left her over it…

Well, Hello Ms Harley. Yes it is me. I just want you to know…YOU ARE EVIL!!!!!!!! I was off work Friday sick and I saw a post for your story and I was like what the heck I know absolutely nothing about Sons of Anarchy so let me read this. 17 freaking chapters later I am now a twitching mess jonesing for new chapter. *Yes, when will that be coming out please.* I then combed through *YES can you believe it you sent me back there looking for another story, how evil masterminding of you!* So I will see how many reviews for your chapters I can get written tonight since I have no new chapters *bats eyelashes*.

I could not find any other stories to read for this fandom hint hint my author friends get to writing!!  So I decided to watch the show.  Holy Hell I sat and watched 4 seasons before I went back to work the next week.  I love Jax.  Hate Tara.  This started the idea of making a Jax Tribute video to  thank Harley for her giving me another addiction.  grumbles do I have a new chapter to read yet Harley???  So look forward to more Jax videos soon.


I have uploaded this to youtube located below but if youtube processing screws up my video like it has been doing recently I will also load this here on my site.  The HD version is just too pretty so I advise watching if you have the option.

And don’t forget to leave me a comment with your favorite part.  Me it has to be at 3:33 snicker just watch you will agree with me   I think I have watched the full video two dozen times so far.  Who will beat my record?



Here is also a link if you don’t like the youtube processed version.  It is the full HD version

HD Version




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