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I own what I made up, everyone else owns whatever the hell they own, and I don’t make a penny off of any of it.

Not enough?

Um, ok, how’s this:

© 4padfoot, and 

If you want something that makes more sense:

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from me as this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts may sometimes be used, provided that permission is given to the borrower IN ADVANCE and that full and clear credit is given to me with appropriate and specific direction as to the original content.  And I don’t make a penny off of any of it.

Now that THAT has been stated, here’s a more specific version of my  version:

I am the sole owner of all of my original ideas, characters, and plot points. The original creators of the materials I use, including but not limited to HBO’s True Blood, Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries. I experience no financial gain from my writings based upon the above-mentioned materials.


(basically a repeat of boring crap, so I guess this part is “double boring”):

Generic Disclaimer Regarding Relevant Stories:  The originating writers and producers, et al, own the “recognizable” character names and bits…I own the rest.  If you recognize it, it belongs to its owners who are most likely either Charlaine Harris or HBO.  If you don’t, it’s mine, leave it alone.  All original characters and plot-lines are mine and you cannot have or steal them.  Period.  Stealing is bad and will kill your dreams and your sex drive.

I give no permission whatsoever to anyone to copy/borrow/steal my original characters, works, words, ideas, or anything else that I write of a fanfiction or non-fanfiction nature.  If you desire to use one or some of my ideas, come to me first and we will discuss it. If I decide to let you use one of my ideas, proper credit and acknowledgement are mandatory. 

And I don’t make a penny off of any of it.

Have I repeated myself enough yet? I’m getting tired…


To whomever it may concern:

Barring my writing, I exercise all reasonable due diligence in attempting to only use items (pictures, images, gifs, items of that nature) available in the public domain. However, if you feel as though I am using an item incorrectly, even though there is absolutely no financial gain to me whatsoever, please contact me and I shall remove the objectionable item forthwith.



Below you will find a reply my dear friend Meridian wrote here regarding plagiarism, permissions, and disclaimers relevant to this page’s topic:

 …Absolutely, and that’s the main thing that (most of us) readers love about fanfiction – we like seeing how others use THEIR OWN ideas to change up, mend, expand and expound upon that which was already written.

When we writers enter the fanfiction world, we do so with the go-ahead (explicit or implicit) from published writers.

Now, there is a short list of writers who do not allow others to write fics based on their books – you’ll find that list on and on their own websites – and we respect those authors who have chosen to not allow anyone to use their ideas as a basis for a fanfiction story.

However, there are numerous writers who DO knowingly allow us to base OUR WORKS on THEIR creations by either explicitly stating that they will allow us to do so, or who implicitly allow us to do so by NOT specifically stating otherwise, which in effect gives permission by default.

This is where DISCLAIMERS come into play. Disclaimers serve several purposes, including that: they allow fic writers to GIVE CREDIT DUE to the originating writer (which was denied me by the thief); they allow the fic writer to disallow the theft of their own original ideas by other writers (which I specified in my disclaimer when I first started writing); and they can state the terms under which use of the fic writer’s original ideas may be granted to other writers (also specified in my own obviously-ignored disclaimer).

So, yes, the entire fanfiction industry IS a product of perceived-to-be amateur writers taking the published ideas of professional writers and changing them up, fixing them, and expanding them by the addition of THEIR OWN ideas so long as they give proper credit where that credit is due and enjoy no financial gains.

The difference, however, is that not only have those professional writers given permission either explicitly or implicitly by default, but that honest fic writers WILL use a disclaimer stating who the originating work OR IDEA belongs to and giving them credit due, while dishonest writers the world over steal ideas without asking and certainly without giving proper acknowledgment or credit to the writer whether professional or otherwise.

Just because you do not know me to be a published writer in no way negates the point that the theft of my original ideas is just that: theft. I give credit where credit is due, and I, sadly, expect the same respect to be shown to me.

Long story short: fic writers have explicit or implicit permission to take published writer’s ideas and work with them so long as they (we) give credit where credit is due and do not profit from the originating writer’s ideas. The permission (explicit or implied) was granted to fic writers who in turn have enough honesty and respect for the originating writer to give credit, and in turn that respect applies to non-originating writers who will always own their own ideas.

That sentiment applies to all writers, especially those who issue and use disclaimers.

Now, admittedly I stopped pretending that I knew everything when I got out of college, but this just is how I perceive the situation..

I hope this helps?


The End.  Don’t steal my stuff. 

And I still don’t make a penny off of any of it.

Thanks to Meridian for allowing me to use her copyright.

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