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Welcome to my site!!

Everyone has started calling me the WordPress Whisperer.  I do love to play with the sites and get them to do all that I can dream up.  So if you are looking for help.  I don’t resist that urge very often to help and offer my expertise to all.  So come on in and check things out.  I have been so busy helping others get their sites up and going I have been neglecting my own.  But that will be changing as I want to show everyone how beautiful they can be.  This will be a place where I can tell people to go to see what new things I have come up with to help. So check out all the sites below that I have setup and help admin for. If you really want to make my day I hope you chose to follow my blog.  Thank you again for letting me play and design!  I love every minute. 

So check out all the sites I have set up for people below and help admin for.  I hope that you filled out that little follow option so we I send updates you get notified.  Click the button on the site you wish to visit. 

Charlie Hunnam Rocks!!

Charlie Hunnam Rocks!!

As those who work with me know I have been on a bit of a Charlie Hunnam kick recently.  So I have created a new page dedicated just to his characters.  Whether it is Jax, Raleigh, or Gavin I love them all.  So swing by when you have time and check out my new page.  It...

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I Blame Harley!!!

I Blame Harley!!!

Hello everyone...Yes, I blame Harley...Yes ,she knows....and Yes, she takes full responsibility for it. So here is what happened I had a day off of work and thought hey why not spend the day reading. But none of my Eric stories had updated and I saw a post where...

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Sites built

Photoshop Designs

Music Videos

Dreams and counting

I consulted Robin aka the WordPress Whisper for a problem I was having on my WordPress page. I couldn’t get the writing on my Follow My Blog to change color. My background was black and it had black writing and no one could read it.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but the next thing I know my whole site is getting a whole new look. She worked her magic and now it’s looks great! It’s beautiful and I love it! She’s added character pages for all my stories, a secret distraction menu that I never want to leave, pictures, widgets, and so much more.

I message her with silly questions about how can I do this or that and she always has the answer. She truly is the WordPress Whisper.

She puts in countless hours working on all of our sites and does it out of the kindness of her heart. She’s amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work, Robin. I hope you know how much I truly appreciate it!



Robin is an angel sent from heaven. I know you think I am over exaggerating, but this is true.

She came to my attention when she left reviews that earned her an award. She was a beta for me, then one day while I was gone, everyone panicked, there was no words on the site.

No one could get hold of me, and Robin asked if she could look. By the time I had come home, I was tired and grumpy, and was confused to say the least. Now I had done the site by myself, and spent hours a day to make it look nice and have features, and until then, no one had known the work that had gone on behind the scenes.

Robin became my hero when she figured out that it was a glitch on WordPress end (Not something I did or a hacker)

Since then she has overtaken the site with a finesse that leaves me begging her for more. I go on my site and things are magically fixed, I have awesome sidebars, and character pages. She up keeps the rec list and so much more.

If it wasn’t for Robin, I would be at the end of my rope. She allows me to do what I do best, Write, while she does what she does best, work her magic on the sites! Thanks again Robin!

Wendy L. Brandibur


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