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The Highlander

by Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

 SOA and Twilight Crossover

Chibs/Bella pairing

Rated: NC-17 for the following strong language, drinking, some drug usage, SEX, violence, etc…

Genre – action, adventure, drama, romance,  some horror, gore, death

Summary – When a small town girl finds herself in a world of trouble, she turns to an old ‘friend.

COMPLETE! CLICK HERE to read!  I highly recommend this one!

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Lucille Ball (and Chain)

by Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

Bella/Negan pairing


Rated NC-17 – for EXTREME violence, language, and sexual content featuring some harem and lesbian. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Horror, Action, Drama, Humor, Romance, Friendship

After getting her heart ripped out Bella is offered a choice – of sorts. Where will it lead?



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Daryl Dixon Tribute

A tribute video to our favorite from The Walking Dead — Daryl Dixon!! Leave a comment with your favorite part! Harley knows how much of an addict she has made me on this show!  #SOSORRYNOTSORRY


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The Shield of Anarchy

by Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

Sometimes it’s the ones that are seemingly invisible that have the bigger impact on our lives. This proved to be truer than anyone ever imagined in a town known none other than Charming…

Bella/Jax pairing


COMPLETE! CLICK HERE to read!  I HIGHLY recommend this one to read!




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To Protect My Kin

by TB Viking Addict

This has been a favorite story of mine since I first found it months ago. With a lot of blood, sweat and tears it is finally finished. I highly suggest you go read it. In Dallas, Godric doesn’t make it to Sookie in time to save her from Gabe and she’s dying when he arrives. Sookie convinces Godric not to meet the sun and he decides to turn her. When she rises, they discover Sookie has some extra gifts. Godric decides they need to move closer to his progeny, Eric, for her protection. A Vampire Sookie Story. Not for Bill fans. Mainly Season 3 plot.

CLICK HERE to read!  I HIGHLY recommend this one to read!




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Jackson “Jax” Teller Tribute

Watch in 1080 HD that is what it was rendered in. I blame Harley for this one. She knows why. She has gotten me addicted to the Son’s series. This is just a tribute to our beloved Jax who we both miss.



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Lover’s Amnesia by Gyllene

Sookie looses her memories.  Can Eric make her fall in love with him again? AU
Click here to Read



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