Oh gosh she posted….*snicker*

Yeah, I have been super swamped lately and chained to my computer.  I think everyone knows why.  But I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel!  I was going thru trying to find all my images that are scattered all over my computer that I have made in the last couple weeks and figured I would load a little slide show here of them.

Lets see there have been some navigation buttons, wallpapers, facebook covers, gifs and banners for some stories.  There were so many I had to make a gallery just click on the thumbnail to see the full size image.

I can’t remember if I posted Karen’s Birthday Video if so just enjoy it again We both share an appreciation of Godric, Eric and her Andre (Travis Fimmel)



Also setup a new site for TB Viking Addict

So as you can see I have been busy.  I may also be working on some new videos 1…2…maybe even 3…. unless I get distracted by Photoshop again.


So Stay tuned….



Yeah I did it again

Yeah everyone I did it again.

If you know what has been going on just keep me in your prayers it is a huge job I just took on.  Here is the link to what I have taken over.  The You Want Blood Awards  I have been in a wallpaper mood recently and here are some that I have posted for friends recently.  If you have any requests.  Leave me a comment I am always looking for ideas. 



I will keep in touch!!


New Video has been made!!

Yep a new video has been completed this weekend.  And I really love it!!  The song is one of my ALL TIME favorites.  Globus – Orchard of Mines (this is the instrumental or what they call a no choir version) The vocal version is like 5 plus minutes long.

This video’s lucky winner is Virala’s story Finally.  I have been reading this one for a while and I highly recommend it.  If you haven’t read it yet…SHAME on you!  Watch the video and you will be dying to read it all.  I promise.

So I figures I would tease her somemore as I wait the long 2 hours it has taken to get this video uploaded to you tube.  This one I rendered a lot different than normal.  First it is in 1080 HD (so yes click on that button to watch in HD Alex is always much better clearer).  I have so many favorite parts the clips and music were just working for me this time!  From 1:00-1:35 is still my favorite part.  Fangs popping on beat and finally getting my misspelled word off of there just made my day.  You can ask Gyllene I buzzed her when it happened.  This is one that I really like as it has inspired me already for another video.  Who knows we may even see a new chapter soon if this inspires Virala.  Snicker wonder if Virala read any of this or just skipped to the video!   LMAO!!  So for me leave a comment with your favorite part

Read Finally here!

Winners were announced…

Awe – you guys! You all are awesome! Makes me want to cry! Thanks for all who voted and participated in The Non-Canon Awards.   I was up for two awards Best Video and Best Banner.

Best Banner was for the Iron Men & Thunder Gods I made for Harley which placed……



Best video was also for Harley’s Iron Men & Thunder Gods


Which won Silver!!!


Thanks again everyone!!!  This just makes me want to go create more!!

Black Tie Affair

Hi everyone!!!! *waving wildly*

Do I have everyone’s attention?  Look who showed up in tuxes for my new website launch.  Soooo I have re-built my complete site. **Love you Gyllene you know what you did**  Yes, you read that right a complete re-build every page has been rebuilt.  There is just one more issue to fix and it will be live everywhere … I know if you are looking at it on a smart phone you just see code….give me a day or so and it will be fixed there too.  But computers, laptops, tablets, iPads and kindles they all just love this new theme. **Love you again Gyllene**   So please come on in look around, lots of beautiful things to look at, and maybe leave a comment or two.




  *Gasp*  Godric has mutinied the tux route and showed up like this.  I think the after party has started early!  Come join us!

Wow! Doesn’t this look different?

Long Time No See!

Yes, I have been playing testing out new themes, plugins and tweaks for my site before I recommend them for others.  So what do you think of the new design? I have also been doing a lot of photoshop.  100 welcome banners for Kittyinaz’s group and lot and lots for myself!  I have also created two new videos for fan fictions.  On for Kittyinaz  Every Dark Night Turns Into Day and the other for Harley Iron Men and Thunder Gods  Check them out they are below.  Posts will now come at least once a week with what is created over the week.  Don’t forget to check out My Golden Reads our book blog!!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WScfN6JMk7Y&list=UU6tLYM5YNhx5MeMGdB195EA”]


[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkhOQY0lh8Y&list=UU6tLYM5YNhx5MeMGdB195EA”]


Some Eye Candy to help you get thru the rest of the week!


[metaslider id=1089]




Ladies and Gentlemen,

As much as I have enjoyed working with everyone in setting up their WordPress and other sites, and as much as I’ve enjoyed helping people out with whatever computer-type issues they may have, sadly I no longer have the time to volunteer to do these things.

Between working, living my own life, spending time with my family, and trying to make ends meet, I don’t have time to do this for free anymore. What looks like small adjustments sometimes takes me hours to do, and what seems like a small task can take me days to do – that means that I’m sometimes spending six to eight hours working after I get home from work.

Something has to give, and this is it.

However, I am willing to hire out my services on a first come, first pay basis.  Please feel free to contact below with questions or requests

Error: Contact form not found.


A new website!

Hello all!

We (Gyllene and I) have a new site we have started a book blog, My Golden Reads.  So swing by and look, comment leave best wishes. There are deals and steals, reviews and lots and lots of books.  We update daily with new pages and posts.  Come join us!!!

Stay Golden ~ Robin

Man I Need to update more…

Man I Need to update more…

So sorry for all the non posts recently….but I have been busy.  Believe me I think there has been 7 or 8 new videos I have created for fellow authors since my last post.  I forget may have to go back and look. So click the nice snicker sexy gifs below to go to my new pages.  Remember the top video will always be the most recent.  Projects for the future…no fanfiction videos that I know of.  I was thinking of maybe doing some Black Dagger videos (those of you know who that is leave me a comment if you would watch those?)  So on to the good stuff.  Click the gif to go to that section.  sorry I got distracted

I now have a Banners page


A distraction page

A link and button page


AND a VIDEO page….



~Enjoy!  Robin

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