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This was my first site that I took on the challenge of being an admin for.  I had read her stories for a long time.  Left some long hopefully entertaining reviews and she asked me to help Beta a story called I Never … Did.  This is just and AWESOME story.  If you have never read anything by Kittyinaz please click the picture below and enjoy.  She is wonderful.


But I was nervous as a Beta and Karen was ready to kill me I think and then in August of 2013 WordPress put out a bad update that took out a lot of sites including our beloved Kittyinaz’s.  So I offered to see if I could help since Hey computers are what I know.  It was all downhill on icy snow ever since.  Now months later I pretty much do it all for her and keep it looking lovey and inviting.  This is what we currently have running on her site.  Since spring has finally arrived.  Click the image to see it in life size it is beautiful if I do say so myself.


We have added many many ideas and we have a whole facebook group who tossed ideas at me to keep adding on.

Such things as:

  • content warnings for under aged visitorscontent

  • special links for causescauses

  • connections to other wordpress sites showing their most current posts2ndblog

  • scrolling award galleries

  • facebook linkslinks

  • recommendation links

  • countdown displays


  • review and top post widgets

review top

  • rotating header images


  • designed and maintained drop down menus sorted by fandoms


and these are some of the items just on the first page!

We have things like images for moving between chapters.  Title pages for each story with link so whether they are on a computer, mobile device or phone they can still get around the site easily.

Extras that we have added that I will be adding to as we come up with them.  Keep coming back as I will be adding many different screen shots of these done in different ways.

  • music video pages


  • character bios

  • contest challenges

  • voting polls

  • media to go

  • award pages

  • tribute pages

  • contact pages

  • blog recommendations

  • story and author recommendation pages

  • teaser pages

  • amazon partnership links

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