Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

The black Mercedes raced into the night as the four men were silent each lost in his thoughts. Edward was thinking back to the last night that he’d seen his wife after a quick hunt they had raced thru the woods in an impromptu game of tag. Bella was nowhere near as quick as he was but she defiantly used her brain and imagination to her advantage and she’d quickly darted and dived every time that he’d tried to grab her.

Jasper was remembering the way that Alice had last organized her closets he’d been reading a new Civil War Historical Edition that she’d gotten him for a surprise and she’d asked his opinion when she’d shown him how all her outfits were now arranged by color, year and designer. He’s quickly distracted her and they’d had a pleasant evening off to themselves.

Emmett was reminiscing about Rose’s last role-playing night where she’d agreed to be his headmistress and he was the troublemaker of the school. He’d won a bet to get that night from her and his grin feel a little as he realized another bet was what had caused this separation on some level now.

Carlisle was lost in his memories of Esme’s first years as a vampire and he grinned as he remembered most of her joy at her discoveries of each day, she’d made him feel young again and he was glad that she was happy with the family that they had made for themselves and he vowed to himself that he would do anything in his power to make sure that they all stayed together for another thousand years.

As Edward drove quickly thru the night towards the first house that he’s shared with Carlisle and Esme. Carlisle’s phone broke the silence of the night as he quickly answered. “Esme?”

“No sorry Grandpa it is just me. I figured I’d be safer calling you since Dad is driving, I think I almost caused him to wreck earlier.”

“No worries Nessie, what can I do for you?” Carlisle asked as he saw a half crooked grin cross Edward’s face as he continued to push the car for more speed.

“I just wondered if you’d spoken to Grandma?” she asked and he could hear the conflict in her voice as if she knew something.

“Yes, we spoke a little while ago. She did not tell me where they were but she is sending us somewhere. Sort of a trip down memory lane so to speak.”

“Yeah, that is what she said I spoke to them all a little while ago. Mom sounded like Mom though so I don’t think her plan will go to long, she didn’t sound mad. Now Aunt Rose and Ali that is another story. Those two might drag this out a decade.” Nessie teased and Emmett groaned from the back seat as Jasper moved to open back up his laptop.

“I hope that they don’t do that. Is everything going okay with you and Jacob honey?” Carlisle asked and Edward chuckled quietly. This experience was going to make Carlisle more aware of all the relationships around him and Edward was sure that soon it would start driving the others nuts as soon as they found their crazy wives and got themselves forgiven.

“No Grandpa we are fine, speaking of Jake is calling me on the other line so I’ve got to go. I love you all. Bye.” As she hung up and Carlisle shut his phone the other three looked at him.

“So Carlisle and ideas you have to get back into Esme’s good graces?” Emmett asked as he watched his father.

“Yes, but I’m not sharing them with you.” Carlisle teased and for the first time in several days a smile crossed his lips. “It will be a second honeymoon for us.”

“Ugh. Please don’t think that please.” Edward begged as he turned to shake his head at his father. “I did not need that in my head.”

“How long till we get there?” Jasper asked as he had never been to this particular house.

“Looks like we’re about an hour maybe an hour and a half away.” Edward said as Carlisle nodded and the four men fell silent each lost into their own thoughts. The hour passed quickly as Edward slowed to make the turn into the hidden driveway Emmett and Jasper sat forward in the back seat to look out the front windshield.

“This place looks spooky.” Emmett commented as Jasper popped him in the back of the head.

“Emmett, shut up.” Edward said as he slowed the car to a stop. Carlisle was the first out of the car and his whisper caused the other three to dart out.

“Bella?” he was confused as why Bella’s scent was there when Esme said that she was giving him a package.

Edward darted towards the house where he took a deep breath of his wife’s scent, strawberries, freesia filled his senses. His eyes closed in pleasure and he was trying to absorb the scent into his pores before they had to leave.

“This scent is fresh.” Jasper said as he slowly walked around the room. Carlisle had moved to the box left on the table and quickly ripped it open.

“It is..” Edward started to say as he turned to look at his brothers. “Like minutes.”

“We must have passed her.” Emmett said and at those five words Edward darted out of the house and back to the car, he quickly smelled again and Jasper and Emmett were hot on his heels as he followed the smell to the wood line to the left of the house and Emmett was the first to see the tire marks from a motorcycle. “Those are bike tracks does anyone remember passing a motorcycle?”

“No I was paying too much attention to the cars in front of us not the ones behind us or passing us.” Edward said they then continued to look around.

“Well there is no smell of gas, so she didn’t start it here. She must have carried it out of here.” Jasper advised as he looked around and they started following the trail that Bella had made as she had tried to escape thru the woods.

“A small woman carrying a motorcycle thru the woods you’d think we would have seen that before. But no Belly Bean just has to be different. Edward you are sure going to be on your toes for the next century if this is how she makes a plan when she gets mad.” Emmett accused and he was unprepared for Edward quickly response and he turned and grabbed Emmett’s arm as he continued his forward motion from Edward slinging him into the bushes they had just passed.

“Dammit!” Emmett yelled as he stood up and Jasper quickly thru the calm at both of them.

“Can we please continue to see if we can find a trail?” he asked the three then started searching again and within minutes they were again at the turnoff for the driveway. “She could have gone either way and there is no way to tell which way she has gone.” he said as he looked each way in defeat.

“I know it.” Edward whispered back in defeat. “Let’s get back to see if Carlisle found anything in that package.”

The three brothers quickly raced back to the house where they found Carlisle nose deep in an old leather journal. “Carlisle?”

“There are notes to each of you.” he said as he never looked up from his reading. He’d never known that Esme had kept a diary of their first year as a married couple. He was so involved in Esme’s thoughts of her new life and new love that he didn’t hear the budding argument.

Edward had quickly pulled Bella’s note off the table and smiled when he started to read it:

My love Edward,

I know that this is hard for you. I do not execute this plan with malicious intentions. I only want to help everyone rediscover the “honeymoon” phase of their love. I know we are the only ones who can help with that. If you are willing to help me help them I’ll call you in two days at 9:00 pm. I think that you guys will be somewhere in the South at that time and we’re …. yeah so not telling you that, so I’ll just use Forks, Washington time. Remember that I love you and look forward to seeing you soon.

There is a longer letter in the package that was left for Carlisle.

I love you with all my heart and soul,


Edward had blocked all thoughts as he was reading his letter and when he looked up from the third reading of the short note he saw Emmett shove at Jasper as Jasper was still trying to read Alice’s letter.

“Emmett I’m telling you leave me alone.” Jasper warned and as Emmett failed to hear the warning, Jasper snapped. He flew out of the seat he’d been in and threw Emmett thru the open front door and was quickly on the big bear of a man who was laying in the front yard. “I told you to leave me alone. Do I need to make you cry like a baby the next time that you actually do get to sleep with Rose? Or maybe I’ll make you so scared and nervous that you never get it up.” A full on wrestling match ensued and Carlisle left Edward in charge of keeping them semi calm.

“Let them go at it for a while, they both need to let off some steam but don’t let them do any real damage to their relationship.” he said to Edward as he turned to go back into the house and read Esme’s journal.

Half an hour later the three brothers were all relaxed from the wrestling match when Carlisle came darting out onto the porch. “I found a clue, they said that we must go to Fort Chadbourne, Texas.”

“Alice!” Jasper growled. “I do not want to go back there.”

“What’s in Fort Chadbourne.” Emmett asked quietly.

“A house we lived in before we found you.”

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