Chapter Five

Chapter Five

“Alice where are Bella and Rose?” Esme asked as she entered the dorm room and saw Alice sitting on the sofa in a daze. The far away look in Alice’s eyes proved that she was searching the future for any major decisions that might affect them.

“They are purchasing the next several items that are needed in the plan.” Alice said as she grinned evilly at Esme.

“Oh goodness. What part are we up to now?” Esme teased with a huge grin and the twinkle that had been missing from her eyes for the last couple of days as she sat down and placed her bag at her feet.

“I believe we are at misdirection but it could be torture. Bella is going to place the call a few minutes after midnight since tomorrow is her birthday. She won’t be able to function without some kind of contact with Edward on that day and neither will he. Which was why I didn’t fight the idea too much.” Alice said as she then tilted her head as she looked at Esme who looked a little down again. “How are you really Esme? Remember you have to tell me or at least decide to tell me, I’m not Jasper or Edward. I mean this is a good idea. New spice in the romance department. Imagine how attentive they will all be.” Alice grinned as Esme threw a small pillow at her.

“I am fine. This idea of Bella’s is a good one. I know that the boys love us but I think with our everyday lives some times that can be forgotten and even though you don’t mean to you fall into a rut which can mean someone feels taken advantage of. Even more with us as it is so hard to change and we tend to start over with the same stories and roles. I mean look at how long Carlisle was alone. Edward alone. It has made them how they are. Bella coming into our lives has shown us in more ways than I can count how thing should not be taken for granted. She sees the world with fresh and inquisitive eyes. It is a joy to watch and witness.” Esme said as she saw Alice nod in agreement.

At that moment the door opened quickly and Rose darted in with me running trying to catch Rose as she was laughing and trying to stay out of my reach. “I can’t believe you Rose.”

“What it was freaking hilarious.” Rose said as she darted around the room and took a seat beside Esme and I finally huffed in aggravation at my oldest sisters grin as she sat beside Esme in open challenge knowing I would not tackle her as I’d threatened with Esme so close.

“For you maybe you are used to the boy drool.” I said as she flopped down next to Alice who was laughing. “Don’t even start Pixie.”

“What it is funny.” Alice said and Esme raised an eyebrow at us.

“Let me tell it.” Rose said to Alice as she grinned at me again. I rolled my eyes at them and fought to keep the answering grin off of my face as I settled in for another of Bella’s bumbling tales were going to told and displayed for all to hear.

“So we were going to pick up the bike that Bella here ordered. You know for her mission.” Rose taunted with a cheeky grin.

“What I can get there faster on a bike and I’ll manage to get back and not miss any classes.” I countered and everyone rolled their eyes at me.

“No you just like Bikes, they are a weakness of yours.” Esme said as they all laughed and Rose continued the story.

“SO anyway this geek is in there trying to purchase a scooter when we walked in. I swear how they can even make those things and call them a motor vehicle I don’t understand. Anyway, Bella here goes up and requests her death trap motorcycle as Edward likes to call them and two shop boys from the back ran into each other when they saw her. The one who was pulling up her order was stunned into silence as he said he would go and get it pulled around front. So here is little bitty Bella with this huge, sleek, and fast motorcycle and guys drooling as she started checking over it. While don’t forget the geek is getting his little scooter.”

“Rose it wasn’t that bad there were only the garage guys around.” I complained as Rose continued to tell of my humiliation at the Bike dealership.

“OH please you know that ever male there was watching as you cranked that baby.” Rose said as she rolled her eyes at me. “So Bella is all ready to go and I moved to get the car. Sometimes I miss Edward’s ability. Don’t tell him I said that. But geek boy then lost control of the scooter and no less than nine guys tried to save little Bella and her motorcycle from the runaway scooter. You should have seen the chaos. Guys falling over themselves, Bella, the bike, the scooter and the geek. I swear it could not have been written to happen but with Bella’s karma it does.” Rose and Alice were both doubled over with laughter by this point and I just rolled my eyes heavenward.

“Bella was everything okay?” Esme asked and I nodded at her as we all then laughed. I knew that the situations that I got myself into still caused my family much entertainment and I was willing to fulfill that role.

“It was a very interesting day. But I did get everything that we needed.” I said as I pulled the bag open that I had laid at my feet and the first couple of items I revealed caused some raised eyebrows.

“Are you sure that this will work?” Rose asked as they all sat on the sofas that Esme had picked out for their sitting room.

“Sure, this is a GO phone which means it’s not traceable if it isn’t on. I purchased the minutes there and they activated it at the store there is no record as it was purchased with cash they don’t even ask for a name just the money.” I told them as they all grinned at me. It had been two weeks and we were ready to start the game. All of us had settled in quickly to a routine of classes and spending evenings together. Now it was time to start the torture part of our plan.

“Go ahead Bella you call Edward.” Alice said as she laughed as the vision flashed in front of her eyes. “He’s going to almost wreck.”

I glanced at the clock it was 12:18 am. “Well since it is technically my birthday maybe they will remember now.” I stated as Rose laughed. I picked up the phone and dialed a well-known number. On the second ring it was answered. “Hello Edward.”

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