Chapter Four

Chapter Four

The living room of the Cullen’s house had turned into command central of sorts in the search for their wives as they had been gone for a week so far. Carlisle had taken a leave of absence from his position at the hospital informing them that they had a family emergency. Carlisle was currently on the phone trying his hardest to get thru to the last of the airlines trying to verify if they had taken any flights with the current negative response he crossed off the last one he then threw the notepad on the counter. His hair had almost taken on the look of Edward’s wild locks with as many times as he was running his hands threw it in his stressful state. He dropped the phone into his lap and Edward glanced over at him as he sat at a computer monitoring for any hits on any of their accounts.

“Anything?” Edward asked and Carlisle shook his head.

“No they didn’t fly out of here which means they either walked or drove which could lead to anywhere in the world.” Carlisle said as he dropped his head down into his hands and Jasper looked to Edward as he felt the despair coming off of Carlisle.

“I spoke with Jenks and he has not seen them.” Jasper said with an evil grin.

“With as many car dealerships and car rental agencies around here we could search them for months and not know what kind of new car they purchased.” Emmett said as he groaned and laid his head back on the back of the couch as he marked another of his and Rose’s properties off as he had just spoken to the caretaker. There had been nothing since the call from Nessie three days ago when they were driving home.

“I can see the girls buying a new car,” Edward started and then when they all looked at hi he continued. “But think about it Bella has been showing us all how to blend in better. To appear more human she could have talked them into a used one just to hide their tracks. Heck they could have bought a used Nissan from someone in the paper…” His voice trailed off as he jumped to his feet and began to pace quickly around the room. “Do you have any idea how many Nissan’s are on the roads?” Edward groaned. He was stunned that Bella had taken such a large amount of money knowing that Alice and Esme also had to completely set up a new house and wardrobes for all four since after their search of the house they realized that not that much had been taken from the house. Edward was sure that they could be reaching the end of some of their money and soon would need to access the accounts again. He almost managed a smile at the withdrawal that Alice would soon be experiencing with her shopping now put on a tight budget for her. Jasper was also monitoring their email accounts to make sure that if they received any emails that they would be able to trace where it was coming from. They had methodically crossed off every piece of property any of them owned as they confirmed with caretakers that no one was in residence at any of them.

Emmett was pacing in the living room fidgeting as he realized how long they might have to go until they figured out where the girls were hiding and he was starting to get antsy. At the sound of tires on gravel Carlisle’s head was the first to turn as he heard a car engine slow from the main highway to turn onto the drive and he was out the door before any of the others could even react to the sounds. As the other three joined him all four men stood on the porch they saw Jacob and Nessie get out of their jeep and slowly walk towards them.

Edward? Do either of them know anything? Carlisle thought to his eldest as Edward shook his head as he tried to read the thoughts of the two that were walking towards them.

“Ness is singing in her head and ….STOP that Jacob! That is my daughter. I can still tear off a leg and see if you can run three-legged and in our moods I’m sure I’d have some help.” he said as he glared at the other man who turned a huge grin on him as the two slowly walked up the steps to the porch.

“Get out of my head then.” Jacob laughed as Nessie hugged her grandfather on the porch.

“Hello, Grandpa.” she kissed his cheek. “How are you?” she asked quietly.

“Oh not too bloody well, Nessie, I’ve never screwed up this bad. Have you heard from them?” he asked with hope in his eyes as Nessie looked between them all she finally nodded. Edward then pulled his daughter into a hug and he grinned as she also placed a kiss on his cheek.

Kiss is from mom she also sends you her love. Her voice whispered into his mind and a small smile actually reached his eyes. “Come on let’s go sit down. Jacob?” she asked and he nodded as he moved to walk back to the car and Nessie led the others back into the house. Her eyebrows raised as she saw the mini war room the men had created to try to locate their mates. Maps with X’s over cities and papers with lists on them covered the room.

Jacob entered a minute later carrying a small box and he set it on the table. “Nessie?” Edward asked as he sat down beside his daughter.

“We got this in the mail yesterday and have followed the directions that were inside it to the letter. We were to personally deliver it to you. And before you search my head there was no return address on the package we received so I am of no assistance to you except to tell you all that they are fine and to not worry they are all safe together.” She warned her father who looked at her.

Carlisle tore into the package and he groaned as he pulled out a shirt that was one of Esme’s favorites. Her scent filled the room and he found a letter with his name on it. As he tore it open and scanned the letter his shoulders fell.

Dearest Carlisle,

First I will say that you are the love of my life. I know that this is a difficult time for us both. I am aware that you are one who wants to make a difference in this world that we are living in. And do not fear that I find any fault with this I love you and I love our family and I love what we have all accomplished and I know that we will do more in all the years to follow. Realize that we can both use this time apart to recognize what we love about each other. To see that each of us has a part to play in all of our families lives.

Secondly, know that we are safe. I know that will be a major concern with all the boys and I trust you will help them and not let them turn against each other as their feelings overpower them.

Lastly, I will only repeat we are safe and I love you.



As he pulled the letter close he could smell her scent on the paper. Edward looked into the package and he saw three more letters, he handed one to Jasper and another to Emmett then took the one with his name on it.

Emmett ripped his letter open and he growled as he looked at the words.


I am not one to let things slide and to sugar coat anything as you well know. So here it is again. You all have fucked up and I am sure that with all of your minds put together you will be able to figure out how to resolve this issue. And until that time I will be here entertaining myself all alone. So there you go Emmett McCarty Cullen. Suffer.


Jasper looked a little in fear of his letter as he saw his full name across the top of the page. As he started to read he groaned.

Jasper Whitlock Cullen!

I know what you ALL are doing and don’t even think that you will get close even with the help that Bella will eventually give you until I know that you are all properly smart again and have learned your lessons. Good luck and don’t worry you won’t be receiving any emails or hits on any accounts. I’m living on a budget.



While across the room Edward was starting to read his letter.

My dearest and only love,

Edward, first I will say that I love you and I miss you terribly. That you are still and always will be the center of my world. I hope that you have used the time to remember how much each member of your family feels. This time that I have spent with Esme, Rose and Alice has shown me how each of us is an exact piece in the puzzle that is our family. Everything can always be new and doesn’t have to become tedious. You can always learn something as I found out when I was reading about Edmund yesterday I got a laugh as I realized that that ‘Edward’ had also married an Isabella. How strange huh? The strange things that I have become aware of since my life began with you could fill several books.

Secondly I’ll tell you that I will help you narrow down our location eventually if you all cannot figure it out yourselves. Some clues may be found in our letters. Bet that got your attention. So I am sure that Ness has delivered this just as requested and if so then I suggest you keep your phone on you at all times.

Thirdly the countryside on our trip was amazing so many different beautiful colors that we were able to see. I do love the fall time of year it is my favorite. Too bad we are being kept indoors. I hope to hear from all of you soon.

Let the search begin!



“I have a clue!” Edward called out as Carlisle quickly moved to his side. Nessie laughed as her normally intelligent father and grandfather seemed to completely over look the clues that her mother had put into her note as they started brainstorming thru the letter that Bella had sent him. Jasper and Emmett moved to look over the back of the couch where Carlisle and Edward sat.

“They are never going to figure this out.” she whispered to Jacob who laughed quietly in agreement grateful that he was not in the doghouse like the rest of them were. “Let’s go.” They left the room with no one realizing it as Jasper and Emmett had joined Edward and Carlisle in reading Bella’s letter.

“There has to be a location in here.” Carlisle said as he read the note for the hundredth time he’d been staring at the paper for an hour.

“She mentions traveling, the colors, staying inside and fall time of year.” Edward said as Jasper suddenly sat up straight.

“Maybe somewhere in the mountains in the south. You know the fall colors in states like Tennessee bring tourists from all over the country.”

“Dude this is Bella she loves the desert remember I mean to her brown hills could be beautiful. Jazz, how did you come up with that?” Em asked and Jasper just shrugged at him as he thru a wave of trepidation at him.

“I don’t know it kind of makes sense. Do we have a list of properties in the south? We can check them to make sure that the caretakers didn’t just lie to us and tell us what the girls told them too.”

“Let’s go at least it’s a smaller location than the whole damn world. I’ll go get the car.” Emmett growled as he moved to leave the room he had always been a man of action and these past days of sitting around and doing nothing had been driving him to distraction causing some snap comments to be thrown back and forth between the three brothers and Carlisle was not in any mood to mediate their arguments. Jasper and Edward nodded as they moved to stand up. They quickly locked the house up and Edward then asked as he saw that Nessie’s jeep was gone from the drive.

“When did Ness leave? I swear I am losing my mind when I get my hands on Bella.” He started and was cut off quickly.

“You’re going to love her to distraction don’t even try to tell me otherwise.” Jasper countered as Carlisle nodded and they all jumped into Carlisle’s Mercedes as Emmett pulled out of the garage. “Everyone have their phones?”

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