Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

“Edward?” Bella asked as she’d heard his voice answer the phone thinking she was Nessie. The sound of tires and shattering glass filled the room as Esme looked up to Rose and Alice as Alice just shook her head and gave them a small thumbs up they were all okay. “Edward are you there?” Bella asked again when there was still no response.

“Bella, love, please.” his velvet voice came across loud after the noises before. Then a second later Carlisle’s voice. “Bella. Bella, please is Esme there? I just need to hear her voice for a second please Bella.” his begging broke all of their hearts. Rose jumped up and grabbed the phone and raced to the stereo by the window after cranking up the volume she laid the phone against the speaker and she raced back to Esme. Alice looked up and whispered after her vision.

“Esme is going to have to speak to them. Carlisle is almost catatonic. Wonder if Edward remembers what today is?” Alice teased and Esme’s smile was blinding as Rose darted back for the phone and placed it back in Bella’s hand.

“Carlisle?” she asked as the smile and slight worry came thru in her voice. “Are you okay? Bella thought that you all wrecked.”

“No love, Edward is a good driver. Most days.” Carlisle’s voice seemed pained still. “Esme, I am so sorry I forgot what the date was. It was not intentional. Please believe me.”

“I know, but I believe we have all fallen into a rut and we just need a little while to ourselves. It will make us appreciate each other more. Correct?” Esme asked as she slowly caressed the side of the phone on the table.

“Yes, Esme you are right as always.” his voice whispered. “I love you.”

“And I love you.” Esme’s eyes filled with venom as she then asked “Boys?”

“Mom” echoed in three perfectly loved voices. “We love you” Her laugh was a true laugh for the first time since before her birthday.

Emmett’s voice filled the silence “Is Rosie and the midget with you?” as the two in question shrieked he then called out “I love you Rosie.” Rose’s growl proved she knew she had just been had and she was not going to respond any more.

Jasper’s soft “I love you Alice.” caused a small smile as Bella was sure he was sending her a vision with it.

Esme then cut into the conversation. “Okay, here is the deal. Bella will be helping you all figure out the clues to where we will meet you. I don’t know exactly where that will be yet. So the faster you figure this out the better. I’ll give you back to Bella. Do you know what today is boys?” after a moment of silence Carlisle’s voice stated “September 13th.”

“Happy Birthday love! I love you!” Bella could not hold the laughter in at her husband’s craziness sometimes.

“I love you too, Edward and I love you all. But my only message to you is to return to where it all started for Carlisle and Esme. I will be leaving a package there with your clues in it.” she grabbed the phone and held it to her chest as Alice gasped and started shaking her head.

“He’s going to catch your scent and blow up the Mercedes trying to catch you on your bike.”

“No, don’t let him do that, leave now Bella so it’s not so close a call. I love that car.”

As Bella pulled the phone away and spoke again, “And Edward don’t blow up the Mercedes, Esme likes that car still. See you guys soon. Bye.” she quickly shut the phone and then turned it off. “How was that for mission number one?”

“They sound so confused.” Rose grinned evilly and Alice nodded.

“By the end of this we could have them travel half the world if we were really evil.” Alice chuckled as Esme shook her head.

“No, not that long. I’m all for keeping the spice in a relationship that is falling into a rut, but I’m not going to be evil evil to them. Only semi evil.” she grinned again and they saw as Alice had another vision.

“Go Bella you’ve only got 3 hours and 18 minutes until they get there.” Alice called out as quickly as Bella picked up the phone. Esme smiled and handed Bella the backpack with the package in it.

“Good luck.” Rose called as Bella quickly hugged them all and darted out the door and into the night for her first mission.

“Do you think Edward is really going to blow up the engine in the car?” Esme asked as she looked to Alice.

“Right now I still see two futures, so his decision hasn’t been made yet. But it will be funny either way.” Alice said as she pulled out a magazine to glance thru. Rose and Esme then pulled out some assignments they needed to complete for their classes.

The motorcycle was roaring down the highway as a small figure hugged the machine like a second skin. Bella only seemed intent on getting to her destination. As she raced the night to get to Carlisle and Esme’s first house she began to worry that with Edward’s speeding tendencies he might catch her before she could make a clean git away. She could not rely on Alice since she could not leave the phone on or it could be traced she was on her own here.

Three hours later as she raced into Chicago, she was blindly following Esme’s instructions as she followed one road onto another onto another before she reached the hidden driveway and she pulled her bike to a stop as she saw the small log cabin that had been kept in remarkable shape over the last hundred years. Bella knew that Carlisle and Esme usually came at least once a year to celebrate their marriage here and she wondered if the gift she was leaving for him would be enough to see him thru until they figured out where the girls were all staying. She hoped so he was for all intensive purposes her father and she loved him despite all the foolishness. As she parked her bike by the wood line she darted quickly inside. The living room was just as Esme had said and quickly opened the backpack and placed the box on the table that Esme had given her for Carlisle.

As she moved to the door to leave she stopped and moved back and saw a writing desk on the left she quickly moved to leave a note, she knew that Alice was going to kill her she was cutting it too close. As she found a notepad she quickly wrote out a note to Edward and she then placed it beside the gift as she decided to check how much time she had. She turned on the phone and it rang as soon as it was on showing their dorm number.

“Bella get out of there! Edward has pushed the Mercedes as hard as he could and they are only about 5 minutes away. You better ride like the wind. Cause Edward is going to smell your scent. Run girlie!” Alice ordered into the phone and she quickly grabbed the backpack and tossed her phone inside racing out to her bike. As she cranked the engine she heard the car turn onto the drive.

“Damn!” she whispered to herself as she cut the bike off and quickly picked it up and darted into the woods and she raced about 100 yards into the forest before turning and then running parallel to the drive she grinned to herself as she saw the car racing down the drive towards the house. The small giggle that escaped could not be heard over the car’s engine as she reached the end of the drive. A second later she quickly set the bike back on its wheels and after a crank she raced off into the night.

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