Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

The Cullen men slowly pulled to a stop at the small wooden cabin on the secluded ranch that they had been directed to. “I cannot believe she sent us here.” Jasper whispered to himself as he opened the driver’s door to Carlisle’s Mercedes which was covered in grime and dirt from the days they had been driving. Emmett and the rest followed slowly as Jasper led them towards the cabin.

“What is this place Jasper?” Carlisle asked softly.

“This is Fort Chadbourne, Texas, my original hometown. This was the first Whitlock ranch, my parents and family are all buried over that hill. I was born in a house that use to be where that one is now.” Jasper replied in a dead voice. The other three males froze as they looked around and then back to Jasper. “After Alice and I met we came here for a couple of years. Some times when I need to get away from everything we’ll come here.” he continued and opened the door where they were covered with a faint scent of Alice. “Alice!” Jasper said as he rushed in and the coffee table had four small envelopes again.

Carlisle was the first one to grab his letter and laughed as he ripped it open.

Dear Dad,

I know you were expecting a letter from Mom and for that I am truly sorry that I disappointed you in that but I came up with this craziness so I figured I would at least explain why. First off it is not a punishment for you or anyone else. I just want everyone to remember what, why and how much they love their mate.

You are for all intents and purposes my father. You gave me my greatest desire and I shall thank you everyday of forever for saving him, but I get off track. Back to my first impressions of you and Mom. As you will well remember we first met at the hospital the day of the accident. When you first walked in I had no doubt that you were a member of Edward’s family. You were as bright as a star. But my more important memory is the one I had of our first “official” meeting when I came with Edward to meet his “parents”. He was so stunned that I was more worried over if you would like me than of the fact that I was going to be the only human in a house full of vampires. I remember the closeness and love you two radiated it could have lit the room. The love you showed in the following years have done nothing to make me doubt your love of Mom. But ask yourself these questions. When was the last time you brought Mom her favorite flower? When was the last time you watched a sunset or sunrise wrapped in each others arms? When was the last time you left her a love note just because you wanted to remind her how much you mean to each other? When was the last time you just sat quietly and reminisced about your lives and how much you have accomplished? I believe we are all so concerned with fitting in with the humans we forget how special we are.

That is what we are doing here, we are all (yes all) even Esme, are all way way outside of our comfort zones. But you want to know something we are all having a blast. Mom is even helping me learn Italian. How cool is that?

Ti amo tutti così tanto ed io non possiamo aspettarli tutto per calcolare questo fuori, perché so che sarà così emozionante vedersi ancora. (I love you all so much and I cannot wait for you all to figure this out, because I know that it will be so exciting to see each other again.)

Your loving daughter,


P.S. My love, Bella agreed to let me add a post script. Here is one thing that I am going to ask you for between now and the day we meet again I would like for you to write in the journal I have given Alice to leave for you. Not just your thoughts to yourself on this but your hopes and dreams for our future, our past, our family, everything. This is what I am doing and eventually we can have a combined “Love” journal. Take a step back love let’s get out of the rut we are in. Do not let love letters and such become a lost art. I will love you forever and beyond.


Carlisle pulled the letter close to his heart. He then looked up and saw his three sons looking at him, Edward’s gaze was dropping to his letter. “Edward, your Bella is a very insightful young lady. To use her words I will thank you every day of forever for bringing her into our lives.”

“Bella wrote your letter too?” Emmett asked and at Carlisle’s nod he glanced around.

“Carlisle?” Edward asked to get his father’s attention again. “Can you read your letter out loud please?”

“What?” Carlisle asked.

“Please I was told to ask you to in my letter’s post script.” Edward said holding up his letter. “Here I’ll read the whole thing,”

Dear Edward,

Yes, this is your mother, but I fear that you and your Bella have much that you could teach us all. I just wanted to tell you that I have always loved you as if you were my own flesh and blood. Through the years I have seen you struggle more with yourself than any other member of our family. Thinking that your loneliness and solitude were your punishment but as you now know you were only waiting for your mate, the other half of your heart, your soul mate. I still remember the joy that lit you from the inside when you brought your Bella home and I knew then our lives were going to be forever changed. You both radiate around each other. Edward Anthony Mason Cullen yours and Bella’s love story is an epic love story, that books, poems, and music are all written about. The one that all little girls read about and want for their own. We are defined by our choices and I know that you know good choices and bad choices but you had the courage to turn around and grab Bella’s love for you and hold on to it. As long as you continue to do that forever will never be long enough for the both of you. I watch you both thru eyes full of awe.

Love your mother in all ways,


P.S. Good day love, I just wanted to tell you I love you and that I miss you like crazy and if I can manage it I’m gonna call you tonight 8 pm Washington time. Please I hope you too will do Esme’s assignment along with Carlisle. I will also. So please ask him to read my letter to him.

You are the love of my life,


The four men laughed as Carlisle then read his letter. They all then shared Jasper was the next to read.

Dear Jasper,

My brother, you know I love you and I know that it is very hard for you most of the time being an empath you feel everything in our family times eight hunger, love, lust, anger and I am pretty sure that some people use that against you. You have such wisdom and knowledge I just wish you could believe in yourself as much as I do. I know your beginning was different from everyone else’s but you won Jazz you beat it. Which makes you stronger that I see some of the others you know what the other side of the coin is to say and you know every day what you are missing and you still chose to walk away. Yes with Alice’s help but that is what I saw in you two you both balance each other perfectly. You two do not even need words. I know you think that the family only kept you because of Alice but that is untrue. You are the glue that keeps everyone from killing each other. You are someone I turn to when I need help or advice on the male perspective of some things. But that is what you are to Alice her guiding star, you calm her when no one else can, but I believe we are a blessed family that have all found our soul mates. What I want everyone to remember is that it is the small everyday boring details that are life and those are the things that we need to not get bogged down in.

Love your little sis,


P.S. Jazz, my love I am leaving a journal for you also. Your original love letters to me are still one of my greatest treasures. You hold my heart,


Emmett laughed out loud then stated “Listen to this.” Emmett leaned forward to start reading.

Dear Emmett,

Good day my brother from another mother. You are like the funny bone and also pit bull of our family. The first day I “officially” met the family you were so at ease and grinning so large your dimples were showing remember? You told me not to worry about Rose later that she will come around. You were right again. Your world is easy, black/white, wrong/right. I envy you this but your devotion to Rose is a beautiful side to your soul. You showed her how to heal, how to love, even on her worst day you are still there no matter what she throws at you. Whether it is to lift a car for her or to watch as she models her clothes. That is where you do shine Em you love Rose in overalls covered in grease or in couturier with six-inch heels. You healed her broken spirit Em. I do not think you have ever understood this. Rose and I have spoken a lot recently and I am learning of the many many ways you have shown Rose how much you love her. Did you really spell out I love you Rose in the snow with her underwear? With some of the stories it is a wonder you still have your head attached to your body. So here is your assignment once Edward and the others figure out where we are you are going to have to show some of the squares how to live a little when they get stumped. I love you my big brother.

Your baby sis,


P.S. Em, you great big galoot I do love you and I just wanted to tell you I love the joy and laughter you bring to my life and I am going to remember everyday the small things you do.

Love always and forever,


December 1, 1974 your only hint

“What does that mean?” Jasper asked as Emmett grinned wider.

“Don’t you guys remember that was the year Rose kicked me out of the room for the great Christmas lights display that got a little vulgar.”

Jasper and Edward laughed as they remembered how Emmett and spent days planning then Christmas lights display in their backyard keeping everything under wraps and tarps for almost two weeks. Then he had looked like a huge kid as he turned the lights on. Everyone was expecting a normal display they really should have known better than to turn Emmett loose with 200,000 colored twinkle lights. The display was like a display for a porn shop.

“That is where we have to go now. Tennessee.” Emmett grinned and then added. “If you remember Bella said earlier the drive was beautiful, what’s more beautiful than the mountains of my home in the fall?”

“You think?” Carlisle asked as Emmett grinned at him.

“Maybe, you know they are missing us too.” Jasper said as they stood to leave. As they reached the car a brown unmarked box was sitting on the roof of the car.

“Dammit how did that get here?” Emmett asked as he looked around.

“It smells like human.” Carlisle replied as he pulled open the box to see what was inside.

“Edward did you hear no one?” Jasper asked.

“What kind of mind reader are you?” Emmett teased. “You’ve got humans dropping off boxes and you don’t hear them.”

“Emmett shut up, I am a little unfocused recently in case you have not noticed. How come you did not smell them?” Edward countered.

“Boys!” Carlisle called out as he pulled our four journals and saw their names engraved on the covers. As he opened his Carlisle gasped. A photo of Esme was taped onto the inside cover, she was wearing jeans and a blue sweater her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She looked so sweet sitting in the white chair, grinning at him as she waved at him.

“Did you get a photo?” Jasper asked. He turned the photo he had received of Alice laying on her stomach on a polka dot bed full of pillows her chin resting on her hands as you could almost see her feet swinging in the photo in her excitement.

“Oh yeah, I got a photo.” Emmett said as he turned it around. Rose had the hood of a car, dark green from the fender she was leaning against as if she was looking at the engine to begin working but she had glanced backwards over her shoulder and grinned when the photo was taken.

“Edward?” Carlisle asked as they turned to look at him.

“She is playing,” he whispered in awe. The photo had Bella sitting in a grassy area leaning against a huge tree trunk in jeans and a white sweater. An acoustic guitar on her lap. Her hair was falling over her shoulder as she was fingering the guitar. You could tell she had a small grin on her face as she looked down at the instrument.

“Geeze Edward can you handle that isn’t that like music porn for you?” Emmett teased and Carlisle and Jasper ducked our of the way as Edward launched himself after the giant of a vampire.

“You’d better run Emmett. It has been too long since he has seen her and you just insulted her.” Jazz warned as he and Carlisle laughed as Edward raced after his brother, pelting him with random boulders he grabbed as they ran.

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