Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Eighteen hours after we had started our trip I pulled the beautiful new car that I was completely spoiled to into a parking spot near the front of Leham hall the dorm that we had been assigned when Rose had registered us. We all exited the car glancing around at the other cars that were also unloading and Alice said that she would go and see where we could get our room keys from as she darted off. Esme and Rose looked around a little worried at the glances we were all getting.

“Well this should be a new experience.” Esme said as she grinned at me. Rose snickered and glared at a few who stared too long at her in her opinion.

“Rose, I’m going to go get us a cart to move the bags on so we look normal.” I said and she nodded as she moved to pull the bags out of the trunk and Esme continued to look around in interest. As I found one by the side of a building and I was rolling it back towards where I’d parked the car I laughed as I saw Alice skipping towards me waving with a hand full of papers.

“Bella, we are allowed to unload everything now and move it up to our rooms. Come on!” Alice called out as she practically vibrated in place. As we unloaded the few bags we had packed from the car onto the luggage cart, Rose said that she would go and park the car in the parking garage and meet us up in the room after Alice had given her the number. Alice led the way back toward Leham hall where we had been assigned our rooms. The room was empty as we entered and as Alice darted around and placed everyone’s bags into the two bedrooms I walked around with Esme. “Look we can do so much even with this little amount of space.” Alice said as she shut the main door to the dorm room that was located on the third floor. As Rose entered the room Esme started laughing.

“Alice this is perfect. When can we get started?” Esme was so ecstatic as the two started planning how the rooms would be set up with everything from color schemes to furniture. I smiled as I saw that Esme was truly happy it had been a hard couple of days for her and she had been hurt tremendously when Carlisle and the boys had forgotten her birthday. I wondered how long it would take them to find us. I didn’t realize that I had been sitting still so long until Alice laughed with Rose.

“Okay you two stay here and explore the campus maybe pick up our books for classes and Esme and I will go and get the apartment shopping done.” Alice said as she and Esme moved to leave the room. “Don’t worry Bella I know exactly what to get and I will find a great bargain on all of it. I’ve never had to live on such a budget it should be a challenge for me.” she grinned and I nodded as Rose rolled her eyes.

“Okay come on Bella let’s go explore.” Rose grinned evilly as we left the dorms and moved to walk around campus. As we entered the student union hall and entered the campus bookstore the looks that Rose received when we entered had me rolling my eyes as she saw my response she laughed.

“Okay Diva give me Esme’s schedule I’ll get her books along with mine.” I told Rose who nodded when she handed over the papers.

“I’ll get mine and Alice’s see you in a few.” Rose said as she started to walk off. I laughed at the two guys who were looking at Rose and also trying to carry their books as she passed them the first one tripped on a small stack of books that had been in the aisle and the second laughed at him right before he connected with the end of the shelf.

“Don’t scare them too bad Rose. Remember we’ll be here for a while.” I warned and she grinned at me.

“You have such little faith in me I think I should be offended.” Rose countered back at vampire speed as she moved to a row of books.

Thirty minutes later I was carrying our Biology, Calculus, English, Sociology and World Civilization books when I saw that the Elementary Italian books I had been looking for were on a shelf that was over my head. I groaned as I set the basket of books down and climbed up on the lower shelf to grab the two books I needed.

“I could have gotten that for you.” A male voice said as I jumped and in my human days something like this would have caused me to fall and I turned to look at the man standing behind me. He was dark headed with brown eyes and a conceited smile across his face as he looked at me as I came off the shelf.

“It’s not a problem I have them now.” I said as I placed the books into my basket and acted like the basket was heavy with the amount of books that were in it. “Thank you.”

“But it is my job and I do need the job security so what other books can I get you.” He asked as I moved to take a step back. “My name is Samuel and yours?”

“Bella, Bella Mason.” I said as I took a small step back from the overpowering male that was trying to invade my personal space.

“It is very nice to meet you Bella. I do hope to see you around campus or maybe in some classes but I’m sure I will see you here at the bookstore at least.” He said as he moved closer and I refused to even smile as I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Well we’ll see. Thank you for your help goodbye.” I said a little too quickly and I walked quickly down the aisle and ran into Rose who was grinning as she watched from the end of the row.

“That was too funny. You should have seen how long he was staring at your ass as you walked away. The only thing that would have made it any funnier was if starch shirt Eddie was here to hear his thoughts. I’m pretty sure that they were sick.” Rose commented as we turned to move to an aisle where we could pick out daily supplies, paper, pens, notebooks and the like. I was putting everyday items for classes in my bag as Rose looked over for some backpacks.

“Thanks for all your help there, Rose.” I snappily replied as I pulled several notebooks and other items. I had truly liked college the two other times we had already gone. I had received two degrees one in English lit and another in British lit. This experience would be different as I was registered as a science major, a Biology route was something that no one would have expected from me. Which I was sure was why Alice had picked it for me and I was sure that I would learn a lot of new things.

“I can’t believe that they did this.” Rose said suddenly as she struggled between deciding on three backpacks with the University of Buffalo logo on it deciding on the ones for her and Alice. “I mean come on we all know that Emmett isn’t all there sometimes and I love him even with that defect in his brain and I can even say that. But Carlisle. That one I just can’t believe. Then Jasper and Edward to I mean think about it Bella.”

“I know what you mean. I mean I know that things get hectic and time slips by sometimes. I mean I thought that they were all planning a surprise and that the trip was just a decoy which was why I never said anything to them but when they never came home I was stunned. I’m pretty sure that after this is over that they will never ever forget another special day again. What do you think?” I asked as I picked a black UB bag and got a white one for Esme.

“You know it. But it is also good to shake things up at least once a decade. It keeps them on their toes.” She grinned and we moved to the cashiers to return back towards our dorm room. We were talking about the campus as we walked. Rose was glancing around when she saw several boys looking at them. “Looks like we are getting some attention at least from the male population now Bella this will be my time to help you. We are going to teach you how to not be such a wallflower and put yourself out there some and how to keep males back or Edward might just go on a killing spree when he finds us.”

“Oh please, Rose they are looking at you and you know it.” I said as we crossed the quad in front of our dorm. “So how do you think Alice is going to handle the lack of closet space?” I giggled as Rose gasped.

“Alice, forget her how am I going to survive.” She countered and I laughed as we started up the stairs. Several other students nodded and said hello as we carried our bags up the stairs. As we reached our room on the third floor there was a notice taped to our door for a mandatory floor meeting at noon the next day.

“Woo hoo. You can go for me can’t you?” Rose said as she rolled her eyes.

“Aw come on Rose you know we are supposed to be doing this different. If we do things like normal we will slip and do something that they will be able to trace to find us.” I said as I shut the door behind us as we moved to the small room that would be ours.

“Oh it will be different you’ll see.” Rose said as she grinned at me and she placed her bags down on the bed that was on her side of the room. “This will be an interesting experience to say the least. I mean look at this room Bella, twin beds, desks, night stands, dresser and those things that they call closets.” She said with disgust in her voice as she sat down on the bed.

“Come on Rose you can’t say that it will not be hilarious to imagine how nuts it will be getting with them not knowing where we are. I mean they get home tomorrow. I would so love to be a fly on that wall or maybe in the car when they figure it all out.” I said as I sat on the mattress of my bed and leaned back against the wall as we spoke.

“Bet they wreck the car if it’s in there when they figure it out.” Rose said and I shook my head.

“Isn’t betting on their hunting what they were doing this weekend?” I asked and Rose laughed as we continued to talk for a couple of hours about what we could possible do to the males as she sat in the chair at the desk that was mine laughing we both heard Esme and Alice enter the room.

“We’re back!” Esme called with excitement as Rose and I stood and entered the small living room between our two rooms. “You girls are going to love this. You won’t believe some of the deals I got.” She said as they saw the two luggage carts full of bags.

“Excellent! Esme let’s turn this place into a Cullen residence.” Rose said as she started pulling the bags into the room. As soon as all the bags were in the room and Alice had returned the two carts we watched as Esme started digging into the bags and as she would hand us an item she would tell us which room it was to go in. After all the bags had been opened and sorted we started decorating in mine and Rose’s room. The red comforter set with white and red pillows Esme had purchased for Rose worked wonderfully with the white set that they had purchased for me. The small paintings and other items that she had purchased for our room were left on the desks as Esme and Alice left our room to go and decorate their own room and Rose and I started debating where to put the items.

“Rose what if we put that red painting above your headboard and the white shelves above mine? Or should we alternate? That will make most of my side white.”

“Hey at least it’s not blue.” Rose laughed as I rolled my eyes at her. “Put the painting above me. The shelves will be good for your books I know you brought.”

“I only brought a few since I am studying Biology this time and that will be different for me and take up a lot of time so any free time would be us girls and we get into enough trouble on our own so I mostly brought pictures and knickknacks.” I said as I opened one of my bags and pulled out several photos of Edward and I and the rest of my family.

“I did to.” Rose whispered quietly as she showed me a photo of Emmett as he grinned at her from the front of his jeep in the garage of what looked like the white house in Forks.

“Is that picture from Forks?” I asked as I looked at the grinning Emmett.

“Yeah, you are the only one who liked that time.” For another hour we worked on decorating our room and unpacking the clothes that Alice had purchased for us.

“Let’s go see what Esme and Alice have done.” Rose said as we left the room. As we entered the second bedroom I saw Alice’s multi colored polka-dotted bedspreads and the navy blue comforter of Esme’s the blue and purple shelves around the paintings above Esme’s bed looked exactly perfect just as we expected.

I laughed as I looked at Alice’s bed again “Twelve pillows Alice…is there even room for your pixie butt in that bed now?” We all laughed as Alice jumped on to the bed to prove that the space was perfect for her size.

“I decided that white will go well in the living area we can bring color in thru the other decorations.” Esme said as we were placing the white sofa covers on the couches and all the other items for her in the living area. Alice had quickly put together the four bookshelves that reached all the way to the ceiling and Rose was setting up the TV and all the accessories that Alice had purchased as I helped Esme with the pictures and other decorative items she had purchased. Alice then pulled out the second suitcase that had items from the old house and Esme laughed as she placed the family photos and knickknacks on the shelves as I then sat and looked at her grinning as I spoke up.

“Hey guys I know how to torture them next.” Suddenly I had three other vampires’ undivided attention. “First I have to get a new phone for us and send a package to Nessie.”

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