Chapter Two

Chapter 2

“Jasper you dick!” Emmett yelled as he slung the log back at Jasper who deftly dodged it as Edward sat laughing on the edge of the clearing they were sitting in. After the past three days of hunting and challenges they were all ready to return home.

“Okay boys are you ready to go home?” Carlisle asked and Emmett whooped as he raced pasted Jasper trying to beat Edward to the shotgun seat but as he was fixing to yell shotgun Edward flashed into the seat grinning at Emmett as he shut the door.

You suck Eddie. Emmett thought back at Edward as he climbed into the back seat to place his knees so that they were hitting Edward in the back. “Man I am too big to be stuck back here. You’d better drive home fast, Carlisle or I might get bored and being the big man stuck in the small back seat you never know what I’ll do.” He grinned as Jasper shook his head and the rest entered the vehicle.

Several hours later Carlisle was driving his Mercedes listening to Emmett and Jasper argue about an upcoming football game that they had placed some bets on as Edward pulled his phone out to text Bella. Carlisle glanced to the right as he watched Edward become more and more frustrated with the lack of response he was receiving from Bella. Three days away from Bella was always trying on Edward and normally they did not try to make their male bonding trips any longer. Did you get a hold of her Edward? Carlisle thought to his first son.

“No, she is still not answering. Not my calls or my texts.” Edward growled as he looked over at Carlisle from the passenger seat and Carlisle saw the pain in his oldest son’s eyes the bond that Bella and Edward shared was something that Carlisle had never seen.

“She probably got dragged out shopping with the girls you know how they are when we are gone. Bella Barbie time especially now that Nessie has moved out. They tend to have only a few things that they want to do and with Bella being the youngest she is fair game.” Emmett called out from the back seat as he grinned at Jasper who rolled his eyes at Emmett.

“Maybe. I just have this funny feeling.” Edward frowned and then decided to call his daughters phone. Nessie answered on the third ring. “Hey Ness, how’s…” Edward started and was cut off as his daughter started ranting at him.

“Oh hey Dad! Are the other buffoons with you?” Nessie asked in a scornful tone and everyone went on alert in the vehicle.

“Do you mean me or Jasper or Emmett or Carlisle?” he asked slowly as he looked at Carlisle who looked confused at his granddaughters scorn as Emmett and Jasper leaned forward from the backseat.

“Yes that is the Buffoon squad, put me on speaker so I know you can all hear me!” she waited as he hit the button. Once she heard the beep she started in on all of them. “How could you four be so stupid! Did you have a good time hunting? Catch anything that was life altering? Maybe told a few stories. I hope it was worth it.”

“It was great Nessie you should have seen this grizzly bear I found.” Emmett called from the back seat Jasper grinned as he sent some more bravery at Emmett. Jasper snickered as Emmett felt the change and glared at him.

“Ness, I’ve been trying to get a hold of your mother have you spoken to her?” Edward stated as he was cut off by Nessie again. Emmett and the others looked confused for a moment.

“Yes I saw Mom when I was at home on Thursday.” she said as she growled into the phone and they then heard Jacob laughing in the background. “Shut up, Jacob!”

“Ness I didn’t know you were coming home for a visit.” Edward said and Nessie started laughing.

“You don’t know. You all don’t remember! Still! Oh this is rich. I’d love to be a fly on the wall!” she said and she started laughing as Jacob took the phone from her.

“Hey, Edward?” Jacob asked into the phone line and as he sighed dread filled the four in the car.

“Jacob, what is going on?” Carlisle asked as Edward looked back at Jasper in confusion.

“Oh hey Carlisle we were back home for a visit on Thursday it was supposed to be a surprise …for…for Esme’s birthday. Do you remember what Thursday was now? Please remember.” Jacob whispered softly. As Jacob’s words registered Carlisle slammed the brakes on as his brain just shut down and everyone flew forward in shock as Edward even dropped his phone. “Hello?” Jacob asked warily and he yelled as Nessie took the phone from him.

“I love you guys to death. I really do but you all deserve whatever punishment they dream up. Later.” she called out and then hung up. Carlisle was already dialing his phone there in the center of the road at a complete standstill. Esme’s phone just rang and rang. He tried the house line and all phones were just going to voicemail. Jasper and Emmett were getting the same results. Edward just sat stunned as he looked at his phone.

“Fuck we are so screwed.” Emmett said from the back as Carlisle growled and floored the car and he started berating himself mentally and verbally as he concentrated on maneuvering the road as quickly as possible.

“How the bloodly hell could I have forgotten her birthday? What happened? Two days ago, I missed it by two days. She has to be heartbroken. She is going to pull me apart piece by piece.” the agony filling the car pouring out of Carlisle which was then quickly absorbed by Jasper who could not stop from sending it back out. The four men shared the pain that they had created as they tried to return to their home as quickly as possible. The long weekend hunting and spending male time together losing its appeal as they worried over what their mates were thinking back home.

“It wasn’t just you Carlisle we all screwed up. None of us remembered we were all looking forward to the hunting and games that we were doing that time just didn’t register.” Edward said as he listened to Carlisle berate himself in his head over and over and then he sat back as he continued to try to reach Bella’s cell phone.

Thirty minutes later, Carlisle flew down the drive way skidded the car to a stop in front of the porch and running into the house that was eerily quiet which was filled with their old scents nothing recent before the other three could get out of the car. As he rushed up the stairs towards his room Edward and the others rushed in behind him. But the house was completely quiet. No one was home it was just a barren empty house.

“Esme!” Carlisle called as he darted up the stairs towards their rooms. Soon calls for Bella, Alice and Rose filled the house as the four men did a complete search of the entire house but found nothing.

“Carlisle!” Emmett yelled from the living room several minutes later where he had found the note along with their four cell phones sitting on Esme’s glass coffee table. “I found a note.” Seconds later all four were standing in the room and Emmett handed the note over to Carlisle first. As Carlisle read the note his knees literally locked and he sat on the sofa. Edward took the note and read it quickly as he handed the note to Jasper and they all looked at Carlisle who looked like he might be the first vampire in history to go into shock.

“Stop this, think we can find them before they get too much of a head start on us.” Jasper said as his military mind started to emerge calling for plans and strategies. “Emmett go see which car they took we might be able to trace it. Edward check the bank records see where the most recent purchases have been made that will at least give us a direction that they headed in.” Carlisle just watched in stunned silence as Emmett darted out of the room and Edward moved over to a computer that was in the living room following the instructions that Jasper snapped out at them.

“They didn’t take a car they are all here.” Emmett said a few seconds later as he reentered the room.

Jasper nodded knowing that this could turn into a huge hunt as he tried to figure out how they got out of here and where they were headed. “So they had to have called a taxi service or airport shuttle I doubt they just walked out of here. Emmett start with the taxis.”

“I’ll check the airlines.” Carlisle said as he moved to the land line phone and Jasper heard Edward growl before a lamp went flying across the room and shattered in the fireplace. Carlisle turned to look at him wondering what had caused that outburst from him.

“Edward?” Carlisle asked quietly afraid of what had caused this reaction in Edward. The anger had been something that they had not seen in him in decades ever since he found Bella.

“They took over a million out of different accounts, do you know how long they can hide with that much money even with Alice’s shopping addiction. God Bella could live for decades on that much money.” Edward said as he pinched the bridge of his nose suddenly very scared as to what Bella had planned. Emmett and Jasper sat down. Carlisle leaned on the wall.

“Oh god how are we going to find them?” Carlisle asked and he then just slid down wall to sit on the steps. “It is a very big world out there and with that much money they could hide anywhere. How could I have been this careless and forget something as memorial as her birthday? Who cares about games when Esme is hurt?” he whispered to himself again.

Edward was stunned as the others watched Carlisle fall apart without Esme to ground him somehow they were going to have to pull everything together to start narrowing down a search area and they needed to do it quickly.

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