Chapter One

Author’s Note: This is just a simple story that jumped into my head one day as I was driving home from work. This is a first attempt at a Twilight fic so reviews and comments are welcomed. They keep me inspired. Enjoy.

Where we are starting from: The male Cullens have forgotten Esme’s birthday and how Esme, Rose, Alice and Bella get even with them. Told from Bella’s point of view as it is her plan.

I was walking towards the living room of our house when I heard Rosalie “I cannot believe those stupid men have done this.” Rosalie ranted as she moved to sit on the sofa in Alice’s room beside Esme. The black suit that she wore added to the dramatic flair of her rant in the center of the room to Alice and Esme who were both sitting on the sofa. Esme was the only one who dared to interrupt Rose’s rant about what the males of their family had done.

“It’s okay girls.” Esme started as she looked at all three of her adoptive daughters. “We all know that it has just been hectic here recently. I’m sure that we will be okay. I will speak with Carlisle when he returns.” Esme said as I looked on from the sofa as I moved to sit on the floor by the sofa where the three were watching.

“No Esme it’s not okay! Emmett we expect this from. But not Carlisle, Jasper or most especially Edward so what are we going to do to get even with them.” Rose said with authority as she looked at myself and Alice and I wondered if they might like my idea I’d come up with after Jacob and Renesmee had left the house last night.

“What if…” I started as I looked at the females of my family; the last forty years had kept me on my toes with the dynamics of my new family.

As I cut off Alice jumped up from the floor clapping. “Excellent Bella that is perfect. Keep going.” All three then turned from looking at Alice bouncing to look at me.

“Explain.” Rose said as she leaned forward eager to hear how I planned to get even with the males.

“Well we were planning on moving here in a few months correct?” I said as they nodded. “Well they are now gone for what four days? I say we be gone before they get back. If they can’t find us then maybe they will remember what is important.” I offered as I then looked down worried that the plan was a little out there.

“Perfect!” Rose commended as she jumped up and rushed over to hug me. Rose then looked back as Esme as if waiting for her to either approve or smash the idea like a bug. Alice was holding her breath with her eyes closed as she searched the future for Esme’s decision. She then squealed loudly as Esme spoke.

“I think we can disappear very quickly and I say that we make them all earn their way back into our good graces. No looking at them and just letting them off the hook. Truly a new courtship, I think it will serve them all to remember what being in a relationship entails.” Esme said as she looked at me and smiled they all knew that statement was directed at me as Edward still could dazzle me with a single grin.

“What, I can’t help it he dazzles me still.” I complained as they all laughed.

“But it’s true Bella; they have been so focused on all their bets and games recently. I have barely seen Jasper. Emmett forgot Rose’s anniversary and now they all have forgotten Esme’s birthday. I never thought that this would happen it was a future that I never even thought to look for. I mean I was keeping it quiet because I knew that Ness and Jacob were going to come and visit.” Alice said as she started to pace in front of where Esme sat her heels clicking on the hardwood floors. “So we need to plan. Bella you’re the one that usually helps us blend in quickly and this is your excellent plan. What do we need to do first?” Alice asked with a huge grin. “This is going to be epic, something they will never forget.”

“Well first we’re going to have to only take stuff that cannot be traced. That means new phones no credit cards, only cash. New ids, names. We won’t be able to use Jay either they will go there first when they figure out we left everything here.” I said as I stood up and started plotting. “We were supposed to be going back to Alaska right. So what would they never expect us to do?”

“That is just it Bella they all know us at least I think that they do.” Esme stated as she looked at her youngest daughter the evil grin that crossed Bella’s face as she started jumping with Alice as Alice foresaw her plan.

“YES!!!!” Alice screamed as she ran into her closet. “We have NEVER EVER in ANY life done that!”

“Bella?” Rose asked as she looked at me and waited to be told what was going to be our revenge.

“We go to college, and get the full college experience. That means living on campus, entering as college freshman. Not a big fancy school. A state school. Something so ordinary that it will take them months to find us. Imagine how much fun we can have with that time.”

“The University of Buffalo is perfect. Esme you will be taking secondary education classes, Rose sports management, Bella Biology.” Alice called out from her closet. Rose and Esme started laughing as I shook my head at the voice from the depths of the closet.

“Are we doing this or not?” Esme asked and Rose nodded and then I nodded. Alice called out her agreement from the closet. “It will be hard not to contact them to let them try to find us so we all have to be on board for this to work and to teach them a lesson.”

“A world-wide game of hide and seek. This is a first for us. Anyone want to wager on how long it takes them to find us.” Alice called out and we all laughed at her.

“Okay Bella your plan is a go. We need to go pack for college. Rose you can get us enrolled with all the paperwork we need correct? Housing on campus too?” Esme asked as she stood up and started to move around the room with a twinkle in her eyes. “Alice will pack for all of us, Bella you will make sure that we are un traceable and remember how good Jasper is.”

“The hardest thing will be cash; Alice will not be able to shop as much they will be able to track everything.” I said as we all grinned at Alice’s gasp from the closet as her head came out of the doorway and she shot us glare.

“I can survive this if you three can.” She stated firmly.

“Then we need cash to live on and to set up a living space since we can’t take anything from here.” Esme said and she grinned. “I’ll go make some withdrawals. This could be an excellent learning experience for Alice.”

“Oh don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Just get that same amount from each of our accounts Esme; Bella can go with you to get the new car.”

“What new car.” I asked completely confused.

“They know our cars Bella they can track us with them. So we need a new car. And we’ll have to pay cash. Come on Bella we need to make several stops.” Esme said as Rose darted out of the room and Alice said to be back in three hours so the car could be packed and they could leave to make it to New York on time. I rolled my eyes as Esme just shook her head at Alice.

I was laughing to myself as Esme left the bank an hour later where she had stunned the president and had removed 250,000 from each couples account and other 300,000 from a joint family account to set up house with. I worried as the bank manager almost cried he watched us leave I swore I thought his heart was going to stop when Esme told him how much was being removed from his bank. “Hey Bella this is fun.” Esme said as she giggled like a young school girl and put the last case into the car.

“Yes it is, but how am I going to decide which car? I mean I need something we can all fit in since we are only taking one.” I said as Esme was driving towards the Motor mile and we continued to talk about this as a grin formed and I told Esme to turn into the Bentley dealership. “Edward will never believe I was in here looking for a car. Everyone still knows I have issues with spending his money. They’ll be looking for Toyotas or Hondas and we’ll be in a Bentley.” I whispered to Esme who laughed out loud as I grinned. I entered the showroom with Esme and the green Continental GTC convertible was stunning sitting on the showroom floor and I could not keep my eyes off of it. Within half an hour I was driving slowly behind Esme as we headed back towards our home. As we entered the drive Rose was standing with the garage door open and I drove the car in.

“Bella it is gorgeous. Let me make a few adjustments so we’ll be ready to leave in a couple of hours.” Rose said and I grinned and I handed her the keys. “Are we all enrolled?”

“Yep, starting next week. So we need to leave, freshmen are already moving in. Alice is having a fit she knows she can only take one suitcase each. She is just going to buy everything else new and with a certain budget she is not used to this but she’s willing to stick it out.”

“Thank you Rose.” Esme said. “I know that this time apart from the boys will be hard on all of you.”

“They all need a wakeup call.” Rose said and I nodded with her.

“I also got a lucky break a two bedroom was available in Lehman hall, so we are all rooming together at least with a sitting room in between and our own bathroom we should be okay. Usually it was reserved for grad students, but we lucked up.” Rose laughed as Esme nodded and we left Rose to look at the car.

Within two hours Alice was finished. Esme was sitting on the sofa with a notepad in front of her. “Girls?” she asked and we all three joined her. “I think that we should at least leave one note so that they know that we are not dead.” The responsible mother in Esme came to the forefront.

“Sure we can all add a part.” Alice said and Esme nodded as she then started writing.

Good afternoon Boys,

I am sure that you are all wondering where we are as we were not here when you all returned home. I cannot believe that I am having to write this note even as I sit here and actually write it. I cannot believe that you all four forgot. I know that dates and time do sometimes tend to flow together but special dates should never be forgotten. The girls and I have decided to take some time for ourselves. We are not sure how long we will be gone. We will contact you when we decide that we are ready to speak with you. Carlisle know this that I love you. Truly. I just need time to myself and so do you to think and remember why we are together. This was just a wake up that I think we can all learn from.



Esme then handed the notepad to Rose whose note was quick and to the point.

You bunch of doofs!

How could you forget Esme’s birthday? I should not have to say anything further. You are at the bottom of the barrel. Have fun trying to get out!


Alice took the notepad and directed her note directly to Jasper


I love you with all of my heart, this is a message to all of you males, that we are partners and that no one should be taken for granted. I think that with time to yourselves and a new focus everything will be better soon.

Love always


As I took the notepad, I feared how Edward was going to react to this we had not been separated for longer than a week since our marriage over 40 years ago.


Let me first say that I love you. I will always be there for you and everyone is safe. This is something that needs to be done. Too much was being taken for granted. This wakeup call is for all eight of us. Know that we are together and that we will look out for each other and be safe. I would never risk anything happening to us. I will contact you as soon as I can. Remember that I love you every day with every breath that I have.

Love forever,


As they laid the notepad on the coffee table, Esme then took charge. “Okay girls, Alice you have the bags?” as Alice nodded. “Rose we have all the documents that we need?” At Rose’s nod I cut in.

“Did you use the laptop to register us Rose?” I asked as a thought occurred to me when she nodded. “Destroy it especially the hard drive so Jasper can’t track the internet usage.” Rose laughed and darted out of the room sound of crunching electronics sounded and Alice giggled.

“You go Bella; they are going to fear your plans for years!” Alice bounced in her seat for a few seconds. “That’s about it, we’ll have to leave our phones, they can be traced.” Alice said and everyone nodded. “Okay we can leave, go ahead Bella but be quick.” I nodded and darted up to our room. As I entered I grabbed Edward’s pillow and a back pack from the closet and shoved it in the bag. I quickly grabbed three of his shirts and several of my favorite pictures of us from the bedside tables, my digital camera and my journal. As I was racing back down the stairs I saw Rose and Alice in the back seat and Esme getting into the passenger seat and I darted into the drivers’ seat.

“Here we go!” I called out as we started down the driveway. As we were fixing to turn onto the main room Rose called out to stop.

“Wait let me out a second.” Rose then darted back down the drive we watched as she grabbed a tree and she quickly used it to re-grade the drive covering the tire marks in the gravel. After several minutes the tree went flying and Rose was grinning as she got back into the car. “I can see Emmett trying to match the tire tracks to get a make on the car.”

“You are a genius Rose.” Esme said as we all laughed and I pulled out slowly as to not leave tread marks on the road.

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