Chapter Eight

The Burrow

Molly was rushing around the kitchen at the Burrow trying to get the backyard ready for Hermione’s welcome home party when she saw Bill and Fleur with their daughter Victoria sitting in the family room. Charlie was helping the twins and their fiancées Tina and Taylor set up the tables. “Arthur what time is it?” Molly asked her husband as she finished another tray of sandwiches. Arthur looked up from where he was sitting reading the Daily Prophet.

“It’s 11:30, Molly.” Arthur said as he glanced up at his wife who was rushing around the room and then she yelled threw the window at the twins.

“Fred! George! You uncharm that chair right now! You are not going to ruin Hermione’s homecoming!” Arthur could imagine the look on the two twins faces as they cringed under their mothers wrath.

“Awww Mum! It’s just a sticking charm so she can’t leave again.” Fred called out and Charlie and the others in the yard laughed.

“Remove the charm. Now! You don’t want me coming out there.” She threatened as each of her children quickly lowered their eyes and the twins removed the charm on the chair.

“Hello? Where is everyone?” Remus called out as he entered through the fireplace.

“Remus! Everyone is in the family room or outside, why don’t you join them everything is almost ready.” Molly said as she looked up from the lunch she had just finished as they watched the werewolf moved towards the kitchen.

“No thank you Molly, we need everyone outside, Sirius wants to speak to everyone first before Hermione gets here, no exceptions.” Remus said as he took her by the arm and led her outside. Arthur moved to get everyone out of the family room.

Soon Ron, Ginny and Sirius were all walking through the fireplace into the now quite Weasley living room. “Ready?” Ron asked Sirius who nodded as Ginny moved to go outside. They moved out of the way as Harry came through the floo carrying Adrian and Hermione then followed with Xavier.

“Okay Hermione under the cloak.” Harry said as he pulled out his invisibility cloak and handed Adrian to Hermione. Sirius kissed them quickly and covered them and he then called out.

“Show time!”

“Boys quiet as a mouse it is hide and seek time.” Hermione whispered and the two boys giggled once and were then quiet as they followed Sirius and Ron out of the house to the tables where everyone were gaining their seats.

Remus saw the three men come outside and he wondered where Hermione and the boys were as he sat back to watch Sirius stun everyone, his laugh caused Dora to turn to look at him as Teddy sat in the chair on her other side. “Did you just giggle?”

“Just watch Sirius he’s fixing to get his dream come true.” Remus whispered to her and she turned to watch her cousin as he began to speak.

“Okay everyone I have a few things to say.” Sirius said as he stood a few steps away from the table where everyone was sitting. Harry stood a few steps to his left knowing Hermione was supposed to be standing between them. Ginny, Ron and Luna were sitting directly in front of where Sirius was standing. “I’m going to make this short and sweet. Now very few people knew that Hermione and I sort of had a relationship a month or so before the battle with Voldemort. She thought I was dead and she left to grieve in private away from everyone. While she was gone she found out she was expecting. Now no one is going to hold this against Hermione, she has agreed to marry me and we are going to look forward from now on no holding the past against us.”

There were several stunned faces and Molly’s face was covered with shock, tears and fear as she looked at Arthur. “Your saying Hermione had your child alone?” Molly asked as she stood up everyone heard the anger in her voice.

“I’m saying my fiancée…” Sirius started speaking and at this point Harry moved to pull the cloak off of Hermione but she wasn’t there.

“Hermione Jane Granger!” Harry yelled cutting Sirius off as he looked around the yard hoping to see something to show where she was standing. “Come out from under that cloak right now! Or I am so going to put a tracer spell on your butt!”

Everyone looked around as Harry pulled himself together and they heard a faint female giggle. As they all tried to focus in on where the sound came from.

“Quiet!” Sirius yelled as everyone turned around to look at Sirius. His eyes flashed and he transformed into Padfoot and he barked a couple of times. Everyone then heard a small boy’s voice call out.

“Puppy! Puppy!” and then giggles as Padfoot traced the voice and their scent back to where they stood under the cloak a couple of feet behind Harry. As Sirius approached the three under the cloak Harry summoned the cloak.

“Accio cloak!” Harry called out and the cloak flew towards him and everyone saw Hermione kneeling beside two young boys who were grinning at the dog that was rushing towards them and morphing back into his human form.

“Hello everyone.” Hermione said softly as Sirius reached her side and he pulled the boys into his arms and he leaned down to kiss Hermione.

“That was evil of you.” He whispered as he turned to speak to everyone. “Let me introduce Xavier and Adrian soon to be Black…our sons!” Sirius said proudly. “And their lovely mother, my fiancée Hermione” The crowd swarmed away from the table as Molly rushed through the crowd and the Weasley twins could be heard above everyone.

“Twins!” “How cool!” “We must take them under our wings!”

Molly crushed Hermione to her as she cried tears of joy. They all heard her demand to know why Hermione had left them and how she could have ever thought that they would not help her. After a few minutes Arthur moved forward to pull his wife off of Hermione so everyone else could greet her. Sirius was standing with Harry as they held Xavier and Adrian Remus moved to stand with them.

“My mummy.” Adrian said as he looked at the group of people around his mum most of them all talking at once and several hugging her.

“Yes, Adrian she is your mummy everyone is just happy, and everyone is happy to see her again. We all missed her a lot.” Remus said as Adrian reached out his arms to the older man. As Remus took him Dora walked up with Teddy.

“Dear Merlin! How do you tell them apart?” she asked Sirius as he grinned.

“Right now…’Mione’s color coding them.” He said as Dora and Remus laughed as the Weasley twins rushed forward after releasing Hermione.

“My young ones.” Fred started as the young Black twins looked at them.

“We must teach you.” George continued.

“Never let them mark you!” Fred finished.

At nine that evening Hermione unlocked her house as she carried a sleeping Xavier on her shoulder and Sirius followed with Adrian. “They are sure wore out.” She said as she set her bag down and started up the stairs.

“Wouldn’t you be exhausted after meeting all them for the first time? Especially the twins? I think they gave the boys their own accounts at their store.” Sirius asked as he followed her with the sleeping Adrian. Hermione laughed as she moved into the boy’s room and turned the soft night light on and she laid Xavier on the changing table to put him into his pj’s. Several minutes later both boys were tucked in and Sirius turned to pulled their door shut and he started pulling Hermione towards her room. As he pulled her towards the sofa in her room that she usually used to read on she grinned at him.

“Thank you for today, Sirius…I don’t think without you I would have made it.” She said as he sat down and he pulled onto his lap.

“Aww love…you know I’d do anything for you.” He said as he pulled her tightly to him. “I’ve missed you so much.” He said as he leaned forward to kiss the area on her neck where it joined her shoulders and she sighed as she leaned her head to the side to give him greater access.

“Sirius.” She sighed as she said his name and she felt him shiver against her as she lay against his chest.

“I love it when you say my name like that. It sets me on fire.” He said as he moved up her neck kissing her weak point behind her ear and then blowing across the damp skin as she began shivering in his arms.

“Sirius are you…” she started but he was making it very hard to concentrate as her body was being bombarded with pleasure from his lips and hands.

“Am I pushing too much, love?” he asked as he quickly lifted his head.

“I … I just wanted to make sure you…were sure.” She said as she closed her eyes and moaned at the grin that cover his face.

“You mean am I sure that I want to make love to my beautiful witch?” he asked as he pulled her back a little to look into her eyes. “More than I’ve ever wanted anything else.”


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