Chapter Five

Number 12 Grimmuald Place

“Well it’s about time!” Ginny exclaimed as Sirius entered the entryway of his house after leaving the Potters. The sound of Ginny’s voice in his house startled Sirius as he spoke.

“Ginny…what…I thought you were going to the Burrow?” he questioned her as he followed her meekly to the “war room”.

“Already been there before I came home earlier.” She grinned, “Can you sit for a few minutes and answer a few questions for me?” Sirius sat on the chair as Ginny continued to walk around the room seeing all the maps and documents that Sirius had gathered in his search for Hermione, how had no one ever noticed how much he carried for their friend.

“What’s wrong?” he was starting to get worried that maybe Hermione wasn’t going to come back.

“First, I heard about a certain event that happened between you and Hermione.” she grinned as his mouth fell open in shock. “Yes, she told me. She left because she thought that you were dead. You do remember what happened right?” Sirius’ eyes glazed as he remembered back to the night of the final battle and he’d woken up in a tent full of the dead.

“Yes I remember…she was gone when I woke.”

“What are your feelings towards her…now?” Ginny asked as she stopped her pacing of the room to look directly at him.

“I don’t think…” he started and she cut him off.

“Humor me…there are reasons that I ask all of these questions.” Ginny said as she raised an eyebrow at him for him to continue his explanation.

“I’ve loved her for years Ginny, just as I told Harry. She never knew it. I seduced her one night. That was all I got. You all have seen how I’ve searched for her for the last two years. If anything my feelings have grown stronger through this.” Sirius said and Ginny felt her heart start pounding in joy for her two friends.

“I think it was a mutual seduction … as I heard it.” she whispered and Sirius swung shocked eyes back to Ginny’s face.

“What do you mean?” he asked slowly as he searched Ginny’s face for a sign of what she was thinking.

“Hermione is waiting to speak to you. Tonight. She will not throw herself at you but she wants to speak to you away from and before she sees everyone else.”

“Are you serious?” he asked as he jumped to his feet and looked at her hopefully.

“No you are.” Ginny teased and the grin that erupted across his face caused her eyes to fill with tears. “But yes, come on…Do you want to see her now? I can take you now.”

“What about Harry, Ron…” Sirius started and Ginny cut him off again.

“No Sirius…you are the only one allowed to see her tonight. She told me if I broke this confidence she’s given to me she will leave and never come home. She’s terrified that everyone is going to hate her after tomorrow anyway. Do you still want to go tonight?” Ginny asked and Sirius quickly nodded and he pulled her into a hug.

“Thank you, Ginny…what ever you said to her…I owe you so much.”

“Just remember to listen to her reasons. She was scared, lost and thought she was alone and you were gone.” Ginny repeated and he nodded.

“I promise…lets go…what’s her floo address?” he started towards the fireplace.

“Not connected come on you’ll have to side-along with me.” Ginny said as he took hold of her arm and they disappeared with a crack.

Privet Drive

They reappeared in a small wooded area along side a street where the houses all looked the same. Sirius looked around and frowned, Where were they?

“Where are we?” he asked as he followed Ginny down the sidewalk as she laughed and rolled her eyes.

“Hermione lives there.” Ginny grinned as she pointed towards the brownstone house with a blue car sitting in the drive. “Look at the street name.” she motioned towards the street sign as they passed it.

“Privet Drive…” Sirius was so stunned he quit walking. “The street with the Dursley’s!!”

“The one street Harry would never return to…ever…as she said. Hiding in plain sight.” she rolled her eyes as Sirius shook his head. “Harry’s going to die tomorrow when she tells him that. Maybe I’ll sneak a calming potion into his coffee.” She teased as they turned and she led the way up to the porch. When she knocked three times quickly on the door Sirius felt his heart pounding in his chest as he heard footsteps coming close to the door. As the first lock turned his heart stopped and he then heard the second lock and his heart was lodged somewhere around his throat. As the doorknob turned and the door was pulled opened it revealed a beautiful sight for his sore eyes.

“Hermione.” he whispered and she held onto the door to stay standing as her eyes swept over him from head to toe and back.

“Sirius.” her whisper of his name caused him to smile at her. “You’re alive.” her eyes then filled with tears. “I thought…” she choked and the tears started to fall as she lost the ability to speak and as she tried to moved Sirius could not hold back anymore and he moved forward to wrap his arms around her as she cried into his chest. His heart was pounding louder than any Quidditch stadium as she kept mumbling over and over. “I thought you were dead. Forgive me. I’m so sorry.”

Ginny watched from the steps to the porch as Sirius held Hermione close and kept kissing the top of her head as she then saw a few tears fall from his eyes and as much as she wanted to see Sirius’ reaction to seeing Xavier and Adrian she was going to leave them alone. She’d con Hermione into seeing the memory later. “Well, Hermione, I’m gonna head home and let you two talk.”


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