Chapter Four

Harry and Ginny’s Flat

“Harry what if we did a locater spell for Ginny’s magic?” Sirius asked as he paced in front of the fireplace at the Potter’s flat. While Fred, George, Remus and Harry were all spread out around the room in different chairs.

“Would that have any better luck than the ones that we tried to use to find Hermione for the last two years?” he asked sarcastically. Remus looked at Sirius who looked on the verge of exploding.

“Sirius…Ginny is very persuasive. She’ll get Hermione to at least see us.” Remus told his best friend as the Black turned to glare at him.

“She is Sirius, is anyone thirsty?” Harry asked and turned to look at the portrait of himself, Ginny, Ron and Hermione sitting above his fireplace. The Hermione in the picture was waving at him slowly.

“Sirius…can you tell me something.” Harry turned his green eyes on his godfather as he broke the silence a few minutes later when all were settled with their firewhiskey’s.

“Sure Harry whatcha want to know.” Sirius asked as he slowly rubbed his neck with one hand.

“What really went on between you and Hermione.” the silence that fell after that simple statement fell into the room and caused the three Weasley’s and Remus to turn to look back and forth between the two.

“That is kind of a hard story to tell as I know only half of it.” Sirius said as he looked his godson in the eye.

“Well I think something happened that no one knows about because you’ve spent the last two years in that war room of yours searching for her.” Harry said and everyone waited as Sirius leaned back to look at the ceiling for a moment and then he glanced up at the portrait and he saw Hermione grin at him and he made a huge decision to finally tell them all what had happened.

“I loved her Harry…it was as plain and as simple as those three words. Ones that have caused me more heartache and pain over the last two years as you can imagine. Keeping it all a secret. My fears that everyone would turn on me and hate me were crushed under the actual feelings of her just being gone. Your father use to say that each and every one of us has a soul mate out there and we just have to keep our eyes and hearts open for them. He met your mother when he was eleven and he knew. Remus met my crazy cousin and he knew. I finally got my chance a beautiful night that I was one with my soul mate and between death eaters, Voldemort and the final battle. Her thinking I was dead and vanishing off of the planet apparently, has kept me in a state of turmoil for two years. And I’m warning you all now. As soon as I get my hands on her she’s mine and I will never let her loose again.” the conviction in his words took away any shadow of doubt in their minds as to the depth of his feelings for their friend.

“You never told her.” Ron asked as he looked at the man who had been one of their closest mentors the last couple of years.

“No Ron, I was to cowardly…I felt I was too broken for her to bitter about how my life had been treating me.”

“Sirius, if anyone in this world deserves happiness it’s you.” Harry said with the utmost conviction as he smiled at Remus who nodded approvingly.

The green flash of the floo caused the all to jump to their feet as Ginny came out of the fireplace with a huge smile on her face and happy tears still in her eyes. “Ginny!” Harry yelled as he rushed forward and wrapped his arms quickly around his wife. “Where’s Hermione? You didn’t let her out of your sight did you?”

“Are you crazy!” Ron yelled over Harry’s questions. As the redhead was bombarded by the men’s demands she finally lost her temper.

“SHUT UP!” the six wizards fell silent and watched her cautiously. “Now sit down and be quiet or I won’t tell you all my plan.” Her grin got larger as Sirius then took control of the wizards and shoved them all into seats before he then sat across from her and waited for her speak.

“Go ahead, love…we’re all listening now.” Harry said as Remus laughed at Sirius’s undivided attention.

“Well, I met Hermione at the park.” She started.

“We figured that much out but by the time we got there you were gone.” Ron said as he rolled his eyes at his sister.

“Yes, I didn’t know that she had a car. She’s been living as a muggle. Which is why her magic hasn’t registered in any of our searches, she isn’t using any. I finally got her to agree to meet with us all tomorrow. She’s going to come to the Burrow at noon. Which reminds me I’ve got to floo Mum about cooking her favorite lunch.” Ginny said as she looked at the clock and started to rise from her seat.

“Ginny.” Harry said in a warning voice and she giggled. “Where is Hermione? What’s to stop her from leaving again before tomorrow?”

“She never left England, Harry. Now that is all you guys are going to get out of me right now. This is the only way she would agree to come back. And I’m not going to let you all ruin it and chase my friend off again. So does everyone understand?” the wizards nodded and Remus was one who noticed Ginny glancing at Sirius frequently.

“I think we’ll head home.” Fred said as George nodded.

“Make tomorrow come sooner.” George finished for his twin. “See you all tomorrow at noon.” was heard as the two disappeared with a pop. Ron followed a few minutes later returning to his house by the Burrow.

“I believe I’ll head home. You coming Sirius?” Remus asked and Sirius shook his head as the remaining people stood up.

“I’m going home. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Sirius said as he stood to return to 12 Grimmuald place.

“She’s really coming back?” Harry asked quietly as he sunk back down into his seat as he he couldn’t believe that he was finally getting some good news on this trouble and Ginny moved to kneel in front of him.

“Yes Harry, she just doesn’t know how to tell you why she’s been gone…so please don’t be mad at her. She thought some things that weren’t true.” the three men listened as the red head spoke to Harry but they knew that her words were meant for them all, if not especially for just one. “Now I’ve got to floo to Mum’s so she can cook up a grand party tomorrow. I’ll see you all tomorrow.” she said as she leaned forward to kiss Harry. “See you later.” she then met the silver-blue eyes of Sirius who nodded and she flooed to the Burrow.

“I’m headed home to tell Dora the news.” Remus said as he followed Ginny out.

Sirius then saw Harry turn to speak to him. “Sirius, if we get her to come back…you will keep her here?”

“Yes, Harry…forever.” Sirius said as they both hugged farewell for a few minutes and then Sirius apparated with a pop and Harry turned to go to his room to prepare for his best friends return the following day.



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