Chapter Nine

“Mummy!” A baby voice called and Sirius picked up his head off the pillow as he looked around for the voice he the realized he was hearing thru the baby monitor Hermione had shown him. He realized that one of the boys was awake. “Mummy!” he grinned as he realized Hermione was still deeply asleep he placed a soft kiss on her forehead and slowly got out of the bed, finding his pants he pulled them on and went down the hall to find Adrian awake standing up holding onto the side of the crib.

“Good morning Adrian.” He said as he picked the boy up and nuzzled his neck with his stubble and causing the boy to giggle. He moved to the changing table where he cheated and vanished the messy diaper remembering the spell James used on Harry as a baby. Once he finished Xavier woke up and he set Adrian in the floor with a toy truck as he got Xavier ready for the day. “Okay boys are we ready for breakfast?”

“Cereal!” Xavier said as Sirius laughed and carried them downstairs.

He sat the two boys at the table in their chairs. He then dug around in the cabinets till he found the cereal and after getting them happily situated eating he made two cups of coffee. “You two sit right here I’m going to get your mummy up.” He grinned as he saw them continue eating. He rushed up the stairs and found Hermione sitting up in the bed.

“Sirius?” she questioned in confusion as she had woke up alone.

“Good morning love, I brought you some coffee…and I’ve got the boys eating breakfast.” He said as he leaned down and kissed her then handed her the coffee. After she took a sip she looked at him.

“So you think you can handle them?” she grinned.

“They aren’t that bad…” he said as he looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“What are they eating?”

“Cereal…why?” he asked when she started laughing.

“At least that doesn’t stick to the ceiling.”

“What?” he asked as a grin formed on his face.

“Xavier loves to throw his breakfast and Adrian retaliates.” She laughed as Sirius stood and moved to leave the room.

“I’ll just go check on them.” He said in a hurry as he darted out of the room to her chuckles.

As he entered the kitchen he saw Xavier throwing a hand full of cereal at Adrian who was throwing his own cereal one piece at a time back at Xavier. “What are you two doing?” he asked as both boys looked up at him and grinned as Sirius shook his head and started cleaning up their mess.

“Daddy.” Xavier called and Sirius felt his heart stop as he turned from where he was kneeling in the floor cleaning the mess. “Me down.”

“You!” Sirius teased as he cleaned up both boys and he started chasing them around the kitchen into the den. Hermione found them all three rolling in the floor laughing and chasing each other. She sat down in her arm-chair watching them, glad that the two boys seemed to like their father.

“Sirius can we talk for a few minutes?” she asked as he turned to look at her.

“Sure thing love.” He moved to stand up.

“Come on boys…I’ll get your colors.” She said and both boys moved to the coffee table. As she placed the box of colors and paper on the table the two boys started coloring.

“I love you.” Sirius said as he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“I love you, but we still have to decide what we’re going to do.”

“Live happily ever after with some more kids.”

“Would you be serious.” As soon as she said it she felt him chuckle behind her.

“Ah love, I am Sirius everyday of the year.”

“I walked straight into that one.” She said as she walked into the kitchen to refill her coffee and pour a cup for Sirius.

“So what do we settle first? I know you’ve got a plan forming in your head.”

“Well where are we going to live?”

“Do you want to help me remodel Black manor?…I’d love nothing better than to turn the Black family name around. Or do you want to look for another place?”

“I think the boys would do better in a place not so closed up…they like open spaces for their abundance of energy.”

“So we’ll look for a new place. And after I clear out Black manor we can sell it…it’s not like we’re going to need it anymore. I mean I know all the spells used to make it untraceable and secure. I think I’d like some where in the country.”

“Okay…so when do you want to get married.”

“Very soon.” He raised an eyebrow at her and she rolled her eyes.

“Would you be…” she stopped herself that time and they both grinned.

“Well, I’ll have to call my agent to figure out if I can get an extension on the last two chapters of the book I was working on.”

“So when do I get my copy of your first one?” he teased. She stood up and left the room as Sirius leaned over to look at the boys coloring. “That’s great Adrian.” He ruffled the boy’s hair and Adrian shot him a grin.

“Here.” Hermione said as she placed the hardback book on the table in front of him. He looked at the cover it showed a lighting bolt hitting a roof of a house the title of the book was Lighting and her pen name was H.G. Noir. He grinned as he picked up the book and settled back on the sofa to read. Hermione went to place a call to her agent.

“Are you sure you can handle them?” Hermione asked as Sirius handed her her briefcase.

“Hermione…it’s not the first time I’ve been around babies…remember I’m Harry’s godfather…go we’ll be fine…we won’t do anything to bad.” She groaned and then walked outside to apparate from the back yard to her meeting with her agent about her second book. Sirius walked to the back yard where the boys were playing with toys and he sat down just to watch them. He heard the door bell ring and after making sure the boys were okay he went to answer the door.

“Hello?” he asked and he was surprised to see Harry and Ginny standing there.

“Sirius what are you doing here?” Harry asked as Sirius moved to the side of the door and allowed them to enter the house.

“I’m watching the boys for Hermione as she had to go to a meeting…come on they’re in the back yard.” As the three adults moved onto the chairs on the back porch.

“I still can’t believe that she’s on Privet drive. I so wanted to hex the Dursley’s when I went by.” Harry grinned as the other two laughed at him.

“So have you two decided anything?” Ginny asked as she saw Sirius grin.

“We’re going to buy a place in the country for us to live in. Probably get rid of Black manor. Have a wedding. She’s speaking with her agent right now. Did you know she wrote a mystery novel, under the pen name H.G. Noir.”

“You’re kidding.” Harry said as he saw Sirius nodding his head.

“Nope I’ve read the first couple of chapters they’re really good.”

“Well, I hope you two will be okay I’ve got to get to work.” Ginny said as she stood up.

“You can apparate from the back yard now. Hermione placed concealing charms before she left this morning.”

“Okay…be good…I’ll see you later tonight.” Ginny said as she kiss Harry and she disappeared with a pop.

“Want some help watching the boys? I’m off today.” Harry asked and Sirius nodded his head.

Hermione entered the house three hours later and was met by silence. That was never a good sign, she thought to herself. She was walking to see if the boys were taking a nap and as she past the den she laughed at what she saw. Sirius was asleep on the floor while Xavier was asleep on his chest and Harry who’s glasses were askew on his face was holding Adrian as they slept on the sofa and she was sure all four were slightly snoring. She knew that the twins were a hand full so she could imagine how over excited they had been with Harry and Sirius here to entertain them. She returned to the kitchen to start the boys dinner and soon the smells of spaghetti filled the air and Sirius woke with his stomach growling. He saw Xavier was still asleep along with Harry and Adrian on the could. Hermione must be home, he thought and he sat up and after placing a kiss on Xavier’s forehead he laid him on the blanket on the floor and covered him as he slipped from the room after smirking at Harry who was cuddling Adrian close even in his sleep. As he left the room he followed his nose to where Hermione was cooking them dinner.

Hermione was placing the last of the ingredients into the sauce when strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind as Sirius leaned over her shoulder to kiss her cheek. “That smells wonderful, love.”

“I bet if it woke you up.” She teased.

“Please I was only asleep for half an hour at most.” He said as he glanced at the clock and she rolled her eyes and replied.

“I’ve been cooking for half an hour and you were asleep when I got home.” She moved to stir the sauce again.

“Okay you caught me…so how was your meeting?” he asked as he continued to hug her as she cooked.

“Great…Angela was willing to work with me since I’ll be moving and getting married so my extension is thru the end of the year.”


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