Chapter Seven

18 Privet Drive

Sirius slowly opened his eyes as a child’s cry woke him up and he felt someone get up from beside him. Crying? Huh? Some one is in the bed? What? His sleep fogged brain was trying to figure out where he was. Suddenly her scent wrapped around him and he remembered Hermione! The boys! He shot up as his brain cleared instantly and he realized he was on Hermione’s bed. The boys must be up, Yes! he thought as he quickly pulled back on his pants not bothering with his shirt from the day before and walked down the hall towards the twins’ room. As he stood in the doorway he watched as Hermione removing one of the boys pajamas whispering to him, trying to finish before Adrian woke up. But Xavier was not being helpful and was trying to catch her hair every time she leaned over him.

“Xavier …Oww… Will you behave?” she whispered as she finished removing his clothes and then firmly removed her hair from his grasp. “Okay young man sit up.” As he sat up Sirius moved into the room.

“Anything I can do to help?”

“Sirius you didn’t have to get up.” Hermione said as she turned around and drank in the sight of the bare-chested man standing before her. His tattoos covering his chest as Xavier squealed and raised his arms to Sirius.

“Good morning.” He spoke to Xavier causing the small boy to giggle then to Hermione. “Of course I wanted to get up.”

“Well make yourself useful and watch Xavier while I get him some clothes.” Hermione moved to the dresser and pulled out a small pair of jeans and a jumper as she dug through the drawers for socks she grinned to herself as she listened to Sirius talking with Xavier.

“So my young man…how are you this fine morning? Did you sleep well? Yes, yes I slept very well next to mummy. I never heard a peep out of you. So what do you want to do today? Shock the wizarding world you say. Sounds good to me.”

“Puppy.” Xavier called out and Hermione gasped as she turned around looking at Xavier and Sirius. Sirius was leaning on the changing table where Xavier was sitting up happily. He looked stunned as Xavier grinned and patted his hands on Sirius’s cheeks.

“What?” Sirius asked as he looked to Hermione in shock.

“Xavier…have you been in Mummy’s room again?” she asked as the boy lowered his head and nodded. Hermione moved to start dressing him.

“Does he know about Padfoot?” Sirius asked quietly.

“Yes…I had one photo I’d taken from Harry it has you, Remus and James all in it I think it was taken after Harry was born and when no one is looking you and James change into Padfoot and Prongs and you change back before Remus could turn around. Xavier has always snuck in to look at the picture it was the only way I could show him who Daddy was. Arms.” She instructed in a firm voice and Xavier put his arms in the arm holes.

“So he knows Daddy can change?” Sirius asked with a grin and she turned to put Xavier on the floor after she’d dressed him and she moved to wake Adrian up. “Can I?” He asked mischievously.

“Wait till Adrian is ready them you can show them both.” She moved to Adrian’s crib and the second boy laughed as she tickled him awake. A few minutes later she sat down on the floor with the boys. “Okay boys watch Daddy.” The two pair of silver-blue eyes turned on him and Sirius laughed then changed into Padfoot who barked at them. The two boys laughed clapping their hands and called out.

“Puppy! Puppy!” as they walked over to tackle the dog. Promptly a game of tag/wrestle/hide-and-seek started and Padfoot played with the two boys as they all three rolled and played in the floor.

“I will be back in a few minutes. Can you watch them while I get ready?” Hermione asked as she moved to the doorway to the room.

Sirius quickly transformed back, “Of course, love….I’ll take them downstairs while you get ready. Take a nice long shower. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day.” Sirius teased as he scooped both boys up with an arm and moved to leave the room. As he passed Hermione he leaned forward and covered her lips with a kiss. “Love you we’ll be downstairs.”

“I love you too, Sirius.” She whispered as she watched them all three disappear down the hall.

Harry and Ginny’s flat

“Mmmm…” Ginny asked as she felt him kiss her neck trying to awake her up. “Harry, what are you doing?”

“Kissing…my lovely wife…on one of the best days…of my life.” He said in between kisses that he placed on her shoulder to her ear.

“I’m still not telling you where she is.” Ginny grinned as he huffed against her neck. “Not that I mind your ways of trying to convince me to.”

“I bet.” Harry asked as he glanced at the clock on the wall. “So it’s close to ten are you ready to get up?”

“It’s ten already.” She pushed him off of her and jumped out of the bed while Harry laughed as she rushed to her closet.

“Something you need to tell me love?” Harry asked as he leaned against their headboard and listened to her as she disappeared into her closet.

“Bloody…” Ginny mumbled as she disappeared into her closet she started talking again as she soon as she came back out of the closet into their room just as if she had never left the room. “Okay Harry I need you to do me a huge favor. Go get Ron and Remus only. Bring them both here by eleven. Tell Tonks and Luna we’ll meet them at the Burrow at noon. Don’t say anything else.” Ginny instructed as Harry looked at her with a raised eyebrow and a grin.

“Is this about Hermione?” he asked excitedly and he rushed towards the closet to pull clothes out for himself. Ginny watched as he quickly dressed then he looked at her and spoke “I’ll go get Sirius too.”

“Harry James Potter! What did I say? Listen to me!!” she said as he froze pulling on his shoes. “Remus and Ron only no one else is to know…I will deal with getting Sirius here.”

“Ahhh…Okay love…you and Hermione seem to be running this show.” He grinned as she rushed back to kiss him and then he rushed out of the room to deciding to floo to the Lupin’s first.

Remus and Tonks house

As Harry entered the kitchen where he heard Remus talking with Dora where Teddy was giggling from his seat as he watched his daddy chase his mummy. “Remus!” Tonks said as she rushed behind Teddy’s chair. “Behave, Teddy is watching!” she said as she darted out from behind the chair as Remus almost grabbed her.

“Yes and Teddy is learning how a Marauder catches the prey.” Remus teased as he snatched her arm and started to pull her close for his good morning kiss. As he looked up he saw Harry grinning in the doorway.

“Hey Harry…whatcha doing here?” Remus asked as he saw Harry enter the room and moved to offer him a cup of coffee. Laughing a Tonks slapped his arms as she escaped.

“I’m supposed to get you and Ron to my place while everyone else goes to the Burrow. I believe that Ginny’s planning to kidnap Hermione so she can’t change her mind. You ready?”

“Yeah…see you at the Burrow, love.” Remus said as he kissed Tonks goodbye followed by a quick kiss to Teddy’s head as he successfully dodged the spoon of oatmeal that Teddy tried to add to his hair and they moved towards the floo.

“What about Sirius?” Remus asked quietly before Harry could floo to Ron’s.

“Ginny’s getting him I was to get you and Ron only and those instructions were given very clearly they are both up to something and Ginny is so enjoying the power over this.”

“She used the full name huh?” Remus teased and they both laughed as Harry then disappeared in a flash of green.

Hermione’s House

“Hermione someone’s here.” Sirius called out from where he was still sitting in the living room watching the boys playing on the floor.

“It’s probably Ginny…can you answer it? But let only Ginny in if she got conned into letting anyone else come with her.” Hermione called from the boy’s room where she was packing a bag of necessities for the day. Sirius moved to open the door and he grinned at the red-head.

“Good morning Ginny.” Sirius replied as he grinned at her from the open doorway.

“Sirius, you old mutt, what are you doing here?” she asked as she entered the room where the boys were playing.

“I never left last night…I left for a few minutes this morning to get a change of clothes otherwise I’ve been here with my family.” He could not believe how much that one word warmed his heart.

“Good for you!” she asked as she motioned towards the twins. “Now who is who?” Causing Sirius to laugh out loud.

“She’s color coding them for me. Adrian is in red and Xavier is in the blue.” He whispered. “But if you ask me Adrian’s got this twinkle in his eyes that gives him away every time.” Sirius laughed with Ginny as Adrian looked up at them. Xavier saw Ginny and stood up to walk over.

“Hi I Xavier.” He said and grinned at Ginny as Sirius laughed at him.

“A true Marauder’s son.”

Harry and Ginny’s Flat

Remus, Ron and Harry had arrived back at the Potter flat and were all just sitting on the sofas as they all heard Sirius’ loud laugh a sound that had been missing since Hermione disappeared two years ago. Ginny came walking into the room followed by Sirius. Harry looked stunned at his godfather.

“So Ginny what’s the plan? Kidnap her?” Ron asked as he plopped down on an armchair and Ginny sat on the arm of the sofa beside Harry.

Remus moved to stand beside Sirius who was literally glowing with happiness. “You okay Padfoot?” Remus asked quietly as Harry, Ron and Ginny were all getting comfortable.

“Oh Moony, my friend, I am so much better than okay I need to create a whole new category.” Remus couldn’t help but smile at his friend who radiated complete happiness, something good was happening for him and Remus could not have been happier for him.

“Okay everyone listen while Sirius and I tell you my plan.” Ginny said as Sirius nodded to them and everyone sat up to listen when Sirius started to speak.

“Now I know a few of you know my true feelings for Hermione and that there was a small relationship we had that Remus was the only one to know about until recently before the last battle with Voldemort. Now Hermione left because she thought I was gone, and that you all would hate her…But…” Sirius sat forward as he spoke evenly and forcefully as he met all their eyes individually. Everyone was stunned to see the face of the man who had spent twelve years in Akzaban looking back at them deadly serious. “Hermione has agreed to marry me and she’ll tell you the reasons that she stayed away herself. But no one is going to hurt her without dealing with me.” The three wizards sat there stunned at different places in his speech. Ron stuck on a relationship between Hermione and Sirius. Remus smiling at she had agreed to marry his best friend. And Harry at that she thought he would hate her. “Now that that is out-of-the-way everyone sit here for a moment.” The men looked at Sirius as if he might finally be falling into the loony ward as they had not seen Ginny leave the room. It finally dawned on Harry first.

“You’ve seen her haven’t you Sirius?” Harry asked as his voice cracked and Sirius nodded as he looked at his godson.

“There were reasons Harry…she loves you, but we had to speak first…you’ll see.” Sirius started and they were all cut off.

“Harry?” a long familiar voice called from the hallway entrance and Harry jerked his eyes from his godfather to the door where she stood in the navy dress she’d chosen to wear. She had been like his older sister for as long as he’d known her. She’d helped him survive Hogwarts, defeat Voldemort and any other challenge he’d ever faced and he had missed her like missing an arm. She looked the exact same as she had the last time he’d seen her. Her curly brown hair pulled back in a clip and her chocolate eyes full of tears as she smiled at him.

“Hermione!” Harry yelled as he rushed towards her over the arm of his seat and as he hugged her tightly he felt Ron hugging them both. “Where have you been? Do you know how much I’ve missed you?” he stormed through many questions as Ron also started. The happy chaos around the three friends cause the older wizards in the room to smile fondly over them.

“Hermione for a smart bookworm how can you ever think that we’d hate you?”

“You’re never leaving again. Even if I have to chain you at Blacks house.”

“No I say we just put a lifetime tracer on her right now. You’re an Auror you have permission to do it.”

Remus stood beside of Sirius as they watched the three friends and he watched as Sirius wiped at his eyes. “You okay Padfoot?”

“Yeah Moony…I’m perfect for once in my sorry life.” He grinned as he hugged Remus. “Hold on I’ve got to show you.” Remus saw Sirius meet Hermione’s eye as she listened to Ron and Harry demand where she’d been. At her nod he snuck out of the room. A minute later Ginny returned and Remus wondered where she’d been when she moved to hug Hermione. Remus then found himself hugging Hermione.

“Okay everyone sit down and I’ll explain.” She said and she soon found herself on the sofa between Ron and Harry who wouldn’t let go of her as they seemed to be afraid she would disappear again on them.

“So where have you been Hermione?” Ron repeated.

“I rent a small house…on…” Hermione snuck a small glance at Ginny who had started giggling. “On Privet Drive.” Harry gasped and Remus started laughing also. Ron was just silent before his laughter erupted into the room.

“Are you serious?…I never thought to look there.” Harry said and Ron was clutching his stomach from his laughter as tears quickly filled his eyes. “Privet drive. Hermione how could you?”

“Which is why she is the brilliant witch that she is.” Remus said as he saw the huge diamond on Hermione’s finger. “So you’re really going to marry the old mutt?” He asked as he motioned to the engagement ring.

“I’ve loved him for a long time, guys…it was part of the reason I left.” They were all listening at this point. Remus being the only one who wondered where Sirius had run off to he had not figured that Sirius would let Hermione out of his sight for quite a while if ever when he finally got her back. “Well, when I thought Sirius was dead I just lost it. Completely. I left for what I thought was just going to be a few days, to mourn in private since no one had known that we had had a relationship I guess you’d call it. But on the third day I was gone I found out I was pregnant, with Sirius’ baby.” She paused to take a breath.

“WHAT!” Harry yelled as Ron gaped at her and Remus sat back and grinned this explained Sirius’ perfect happiness.

“You were…shagging Sirius?” Ron stuttered.

“Yes Ron, thank you for your crudeness…so as I was saying at this time I was scared of losing the baby from the stress of the final battle and my grief over thinking of Sirius so I just holed up and then when I had them I just didn’t know how to come back.”

“Them?” Remus asked as he sat up straight again.

Hermione smiled and nodded, “Yes, I had twins. Look behind you.” The three males turned around and looked at Sirius who was holding a small boy on each arm. The black hair, silver-blue eyes and grins left no doubt that they were Blacks.

“Everyone meet Xavier Orion and Adrian Sirius soon-to-be Black”

The room erupted in cheers, hugs, and laughter as everyone rushed between Sirius, the boys and Hermione. “Now we need help telling Molly.” Sirius said as they all laughed.


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