Chapter Six

18 Privet Drive

Ginny smiled as she watched Sirius hold Hermione close and how he kept kissing the top of her head as Hermione continued holding him just as tight as tears ran down her face.

“Thank you Ginny…Harry’s not coming is he?” Hermione asked as she turned her head to lay her cheek against Sirius’s chest and speak to her friend while Sirius held her close and refused to let her go any further.

“No…Harry is still at home which is where I’m headed to now…see you two tomorrow.” Ginny then turned and disappeared down the walkway to where she could move into the woods to apparate home.

“So…Privet Drive huh?” Sirius asked and Hermione laughed softly and she closed and locked her front door behind them. “So do we get to go booby trap the Dursley’s house?”

“Come on in Sirius we need to talk.” She said and he followed behind her as she led the way to the living room. Her wand lay on the table where she’d been using it to hide all the toys and photos of the boys until she managed to break the news to Sirius. Hermione sat down on her sofa facing her empty fireplace.

“So you’ve been here the whole time?” Sirius asked as he sat down next to her on the sofa. His eyes continued to devour her features as the scent that was entirely Hermione filled his brain. He laid his arm on the back of the sofa smiling when she laid her head back on his arm.

“Almost I’ve been here a little over a year…I got lucky the rent is okay.”

“You working?” Sirius was trying to keep the conversation light and non threatening since he was fighting the urge to capture her in his arms and never let go, but he knew that this revelation of information had to go the way that Hermione wanted it to go and for once he was going to show patience.

“I am an author actually…I’ve published my first book, fiction, a couple of months ago. You should have known that since I read so many books that I might want to write one.” she teased.

“Congratulations! Do I get a copy?” He asked as he grinned at her and she laughed and nodded. “Will you autograph it for me?” he teased and she finally laughed a true happy laugh.

“Okay…this…is very hard for me.” Hermione said as she looked into his eyes with her own eyes revealing her fears he saw the decision she made as she straightened her shoulders and spoke. “I’ve cared about you for a very long time Sirius…you…I mean that night…Merlin this is hard.” She rubbed the sides of her face with her hands. She turned to look at him and she wondered what was going to happen in the next few minutes.

Sirius decided that since Hermione had taken the first step that he was going to be a true Gryffindor and step out there also and he spoke. “I know…I shouldn’t have ‘Mione but I love you so much…I just wanted you. I had wanted you for so long and to know that you wanted me to was too much I could not have walked away that night if my life depended on it. No matter what you think I will never regret that night.” He added as he took her hand in his and pulled it to his lips to kiss her hand.

“Sirius will you just listen…there was a reason or two I left.” He grinned as he saw her temper flare for a moment as she pulled her hand away from his grip. “Quit distracting me.”

“Okay you can tell me anything ‘Mione.” He said as he searched her eyes and he saw the anxiety in their chocolate depths.

“Bugger.” She whispered to herself as she saw the red light flash on the baby monitor she’d put on the table behind where Sirius was sitting indicating that someone was up and talking. She’d charmed the room so Sirius wouldn’t hear the boys and figure things out as Ginny had. She wanted to tell him but that wasn’t going to happen she’d bet Xavier was awake again. Might as well get this over with she thought to herself as she looked at Sirius. “Come on I’ve got something to show you it seems to be the easiest way to explain this.” She stood up and Sirius moved to follow her trying to figure out what was going on but his brain was stumped as he followed her up the stairs and down the hall as she reached a door, she moved to open it and whispered to him, “Forgive me.”

The room was dark save a small night-light and Hermione entered the room as she saw Xavier jumping as he held on the side of his crib. Sirius’ eyes swept the room over and the two cribs registered in his brain as he watched Hermione walk over to lean into the crib to lift the black-haired boy out of the crib. Sirius felt his heart lodge somewhere near his throat. Two reasons to not return! Her children! Merlin! His children! She’s been alone this whole time. Hermione approached carrying the small boy. Breathe Sirius! He yelled into his brain.

“Xavier…come and meet Daddy.” She whispered to the boy as she watched Sirius. He felt his knees buckled and he desperately glanced around for a chair not seeing one he decided to just sit down on the floor. Merlin’s shorts, he was a daddy, he thought as he sat down on the floor as did Hermione, Xavier looked at the man across from him and Sirius met his own eyes. The boy was almost his clone. “Do you want to hold him?”

“Do you think he’d let me?” Sirius asked hopefully and she nodded as she stood Xavier up and helped him get his balance the small boy grinned as he started trying to walk to the man across from him with no fear. “Hey there…come on” Sirius coached as Xavier walked to him. When Sirius enveloped him in his arms as Xavier reached him the small boy started jumping in excitement as he held on to the man. Hermione watched thru eyes filled with tears as Sirius held the boy close to him and he kissed the top of the small back head.

“Mummy.” A second voice called into the room and Sirius felt his heart skip in his chest again as he turned and he saw a second small black head peering at him from the second crib. “Mummy out.”

“Adrian.” Hermione said as she stood to let the other boy out. Adrian looked at the man holding his twin.
“Merlin…they are identical twins.” He whispered as he pulled Xavier close since he had taken up residency in his lap while Hermione sat down with Adrian in her lap.

“Yeah, this is the fun part. That little trouble maker you have there is Xavier Orion and this is Adrian Sirius….I’m sorry their last name is Granger the muggle hospital would not let me put Black without you there to sign the papers and I didn’t know.” Her voice broke as she looked at him with tears filling her eyes again. “I’m sorry…so sorry.”

“Hermione it’s okay, really…I’m just sorry that you went thru all of it alone. But your back and I’m here for you always. Will you let me be in all your lives?” he whispered as he looked at each of them.

“Sirius…I’ve loved you for a very long time, the boys were what saved me when I thought you were gone. Every day when I was pregnant I would talk with them about you or told them stories that I had heard from Remus and Harry. It was what kept me sane, I am just sorry that I disappeared I mean you missed the firsts that they’ve done.” She grinned at the memory.

“It’s settled.” Sirius said as he grinned at the two boys who were waving their arms at each other.

“But what will everyone think Sirius?” she looked terrified again he grinned at her just like he thought she would immediately run to another worry.

“Hermione, will you let me show you how much I love you?” He asked slowly and when she nodded he finished speaking. “Then I’ll take care of everyone tomorrow. And even though I just met these two I love them just as much.” He leaned forward as Xavier tried to stand again. “Okay?” he waited until she nodded and then he asked. “So what can you tell me about these two?”

“Xavier is the older one by nine minutes, they were born on November 7th and they are sixteen months old and starting to get pretty independent. They have both been walking for about three or four months. Both talk a lot and they love it when I read to them.”

“I bet.” He laughed as the two boys moved to play between them. “How do you tell them apart?” He asked as he continued to look between them. He had a family now and there was nothing that was going to come between them.

“I don’t know, I guess I’ve just gotten use to them the first month I wouldn’t take their hospital bracelets off. I was terrified I’d mix them up and traumatize them for life.” She giggled at that memory.

“That’s not a bad idea.” He said as they both laughed.

“For a while I dressed them in two different colors, but now I can tell their voices apart. Adrian’s is a little higher pitched.”

“Can…do you have any pictures?” he asked as the two boys moved towards their toy box and were pulling out some stuffed cars completely ignoring the adults now.

“Yeah but they are muggle ones.” She stood up and Sirius stood up also. “No, you stay here with them do you need a drink?”

“No…I’m fine…wait.” He said as she stopped in the doorway to look at him.


“Well this is not going how I planned to start convincing you that I want a relationship with you. See after that night I knew I was not going to let you go but everything happened with Voldemort and the final battle. I know that we have a lot to work out and talk about, but I’ve been carrying this around with me for the last two years.” He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small black box and Hermione gasped. He moved to kneel in front of her on one knee and he looked up into her eyes which were quickly feeling with tears. “Hermione I had planned on asking you to marry me after a couple of months of dating but I was a coward before and you slipped away and we lost two years. You were gone for so long but I never forgot and never lost any of my love for you. Everyday you were gone I loved you a little more than I did the day before. I still want you to marry me as I did before I found out about the double bonus I am getting. I love you. Will you marry me?”

“Sirius! I….yes…” she said as she jumped towards him and quickly hugged him as he knelt in front of her and kissed him after he grinned and placed the diamond on her hand. “I love you so much.” She said as she kissed him.

He ginned as he pulled her towards him and then rolled her to lay beneath him there on the floor in the twins room and he kissed her passionately. Before either could respond any further Xavier walked over and then started hitting Sirius with his stuffed truck calling out, “My mummy! Off mummy!” Hermione dissolved into giggles as Sirius looked up at his son as Xavier continued to pummel him with the toy truck and his bark like laugh caused the young boy to smile.

“Can’t she be ours?” Sirius asked as he stared at Xavier after a second Xavier nodded and then moved back to play with his brother.


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