Chapter Ten

“Hermione, are you ready to go yet?” Ginny called out as she sat in the living room watching the twins play with their toy trucks that Harry had charmed to run around them in circles.

“Almost, I can’t believe I let you two talk me into this. Can you imagine the chaos that this is going to cause.”

“Mione love they both need to be registered as my children with the Ministry. As much as I hate them it is for their own protection.” Sirius said as he grinned at Xavier who had grabbed the truck as it ran by his left leg and he laughed as the wheels continued to spin quickly.

“I know. Okay I’m ready.” Hermione said as she walked into the room wearing a dove grey pant suit and carrying the boys travel bag. “Are we all going together?”

“Yeah, I thought we’d apparate to the Leaky then enter thru Diagon Alley. After the Ministry we can run by Gringotts and if things are not too bad at that point maybe dinner in Diagon Alley?” Harry said as he looked between his godfather and Hermione.

“Sure that sounds about right.” Sirius said as he stood to pick up Xavier. The small boy grinned at his daddy and as Sirius swung him in the air the boys cackling laughter filled the room. Hermione as in the process of picking up Aiden as Ginny and Harry also stood up.

“Okay everyone, let’s get this show on the road.” Harry called out officially and Ginny shook her head at him.

“It’s not a mission Harry.” she teased as they all moved out to the back yard so they could apparate.

“You never know.”

The Ministry of Magic

“Good morning, Ron.” Colin said as he met up with his fellow Gryfindor outside of Harry’s office.

“Hey Colin, Susan how are you two?” Ron asked as he leaned back against the wall in the hall.

“Excellent is Harry here yet?” Susan asked and Ron shook his head.

“No sorry, but he’s on his way with the surprise. Thank you for doing this Susan, we really appreciate it.” Ron stated as she nodded at him.

“No Ron thank you for the exclusive. My little column very rarely gets these.” Susan said as Colin Creevey was standing next to her as they waited for Harry to show up. Harry had contacted them yesterday to set up a meeting for a surprise announcement.

“What do you think we are here for?” Colin asked Susan as she looked up from the notes that she was looking at and looked to Ron.

“With Harry there is no way of knowing. But he’s given us an exclusive as long as we keep Rita from learning anything.” Susan said as she grinned at Colin and Ron. “And I’ll do anything to rub something in that witch’s face.”

“You are not the only ones.” Ron laughed as the other two grinned at him.

“Hey here he comes.” Colin said as he saw Harry and Ginny walking down the hall towards Harry’s office with Sirius and a small brunette walking behind them. “Hey Harry how are you?”

“Good morning Colin. Susan, how are you both.”

“Excellent Harry so what is this surprise meeting about?” Susan asked directly as she heard Ginny laugh and the red-head moved to the left and Susan saw the young woman standing behind her. Susan was stunned speechless as she recognized the woman. “Hermione Granger! Where have you been young woman!”

“Perhaps we should take this into my office.” Harry spoke as he opened the door and they all walked in to sit as Susan then saw the two small boys that Sirius and Hermione were carrying.

As she sat down she grinned at Colin who sat beside her. “Hermione, Hermione I think you have something to tell me.” she said as she also noticed the ring on her finger and the amazing resemblance between Sirius Black and the young boys.

“Yes Susan it’s a long story but I trust that you will honestly tell the truth and help us break the news.” Hermione stated as she leaned down to kiss the small boy on her lap.

“Of course now where do we start.” Susan asked as Colin moved to take some pictures during the interview that Susan started.

Two hours later Susan and Colin left the office of Harry Potter and Sirius and Hermione left the twins in Harry, Ron and Ginny’s care as they left to go and register their twins with the ministry.

After registering their sons Hermione turned to look at Sirius. “Sirius, I have to go and talk with Professor McGonagall, she was like a mother to me. She needs to know before she sees it in the Prophet, love.”

“Of course, we can go now, I’m sure she would take the time to speak with me. She loves me.”

“Yeah right.” Harry said as he grinned at his godfather. “Will we see you all for supper tonight?”

“I think we are just going to have a nice quiet night at home tonight Harry.” Hermione said as she hugged Ron as he left.

“Okay Hermione, remember I know where you live now. No more hiding.” he grinned at her as he hugged her tightly.

“I know.”

“Use my floo. It is connected to Dumbledore’s office. But let me tell him please. It will be nice once to know something he doesn’t.” Harry asked animatedly as he looked at his wife who just shook her head at him.

“Go ahead Harry.” within a few minutes Harry was shoulders deep in the floo speaking with his former headmaster.

“Harry my boy how are you? Everything okay in the Auror’s department?” Dumbledore asked the young man floating in his fireplace.

“Of course, sir. I just have a surprise for you. Hermione has come home and she has a surprise and want to come and visit with Professor McGonagall.”

“Excellent, Harry I will summon Minerva, she will be stunned. Please come on thru is Hermione with you now?”

“Yes sir, we’ll be right thru.” Harry said as he moved to come thru first followed by Ginny and Sirius who was carrying Adrian, Hermione was the last thru with Xavier.

“Well, well Ms Granger I am happy to see you and look at who you have with you. I did wonder who the young set of twins were that showed up in the register of the school two years ago.” Dumbledore grinned as they took seats around the room. “Minerva will be here soon I sent her a message.”

“Thank you sir, I have missed her wisdom these last two years.” Hermione said as Harry and Ginny said that they were going to go take a walk around the school.

“Don’t stun the students again Harry they still look up to you.” Dumbledore advised as the couple left.

“Albus we would like to ask you something also while we are here.” Sirius stated as he placed an arm across the back of the sofa him and Hermione were sitting at as the two small boys played on the floor in front of them.

“Of course Sirius what can I help you two with.” Albus asked as he grinned at the two.

“We would love for you to be our bonder in our wedding ceremony. Like you did for James and Lily.”

“I would be honored.” Albus said as he saw the glow of the bond between the two in front of him.

They then spoke of how Hermione had been found while they waited for Minerva to join them. At the knock on the door Hermione jumped to her feet as the door opened and her former head of house entered the room speaking. “Albus you wanted to see me.”

“Minerva you have a visitor.” Albus said and he grinned as he saw the stunned look on her face as she saw Hermione standing there in shock and a little fear that she would be angry with her.

“Professor.” Hermione said as she took two hesitant steps forward and Minerva rushed into the room.

“It is about time young lady. Where have you been!” she demanded and Hermione smiled as she moved to the side and revealed the two small boys playing on the floor. “Oh gods, those two look like clones of…BLACK!” she then turned on Sirius who was quickly moving towards the door that she had just come thru.

“Oh Minny, you know I just remembered that I needed to tell Harry something. I’ll see you later love.” he buzzed a kiss across Hermione’s cheek as he transformed into Padfoot and rushed out of the room to Xavier and Adrian’s calls of “PUPPY!”

Article in the evening prophet by Susan Bones.

Hermione Granger is welcomed back to the Golden Trio with open arms!

Good evening fellow readers. Today was an interesting day for me as I was summoned by Harry Potter to his office in the Ministry of Magic to reveal some good news to our Wizarding world. The Golden trio as they were known thru out their Hogwarts days and after was reunited two days ago as Hermione Granger finally came home. I was privileged to be the only reporter granted an interview with Harry and Ginny Potter, Ron Weasley, Sirius Black and Hermione Granger today as so other items were taken care of today at the Ministry of Magic.

First, I will be the first to say that Hermione Granger looked as lovely as ever as she shone with a light of happiness at being reunited with her life long friends but also with the love of her life none other than Sirius Black.

Yes, reader you read it here first. The legendary, Sirius Orion Black, is officially off the market. He is engaged to Hermione Granger and the proof of their love and happiness was in the two small twin boys I also met today. Their twin sons, Xavier and Adrian are as handsome as their daddy and as intelligent as their mother. The world should probably prepare for these two as their father Sirius Black stated today. “These two are the apples of my eye and I’m quite sure that the wizarding world will be as charmed by the two as I was.” The engagement between Sirius and Hermione was confirmed and a date has as of now not been set.

Harry and Ron both were very happy to have their fellow trio member reunited with them and Harry confirmed that all three will be in attendance this year at the Celebration Ball in three weeks.

Hermione has been away these last two years with her children and is currently a published author in the muggle world under the pen name, H.G. Noir. Sirius Black is currently head of the Noble and ancient house of Black. Heading the Child fund organization he started with Harry Potter, for students attending Hogwarts. Ron Weasley currently the Keeper for the Chudley Cannons.

The famous Golden Trio all requested to please just be allowed to be as they get ready to attend the third annual Celebration Ball of the defeat of Tom Riddle.

In conclusion this reporter is amazed at the love that was apparent between the new couple and their two small sons and looks forward to many more happy stories to come.

Susan Bones


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