Chapter Two

“Hedwig! Come back here!” Harry called as he chased his owl into the living room. Hedwig landed on Ginny’s shoulder and dropped the letter into Ginny’s lap as she sat in the armchair by the fireplace. Everyone in the room was stunned into silence as she picked up the letter that had Ginny Potter written on the front her hands were shaking as she turned the letter over and broke the seal. She felt her eyes burn and fill with tears as she recognized Hermione’s familiar handwriting.

Hello Ginny,

Guess I’ll ask first. How are you? I know it is not fair of me to put you into this position, but Harry keeps sending Hedwig and I feel so sorry for her. Please if you are with everyone else don’t tell them what this letter says. There are very acceptable reasons that I left. If I know Hedwig she’ll deliver this straight to you and on time. I need to see you Ginny alone. We need to speak. I know the boys will never let you leave alone once they know that this letter is from me and that you plan to meet with me. So I’ll leave it up to you to decide what to tell them. I’ll meet you at Chesterfield Park, Surrey on the afternoon of the ninth at five o’clock. Do me this one favor in honor of our long friendship, please Ginny…Come alone! I miss you all more than you can know.



Ginny stared at the paper for another couple of minutes as her brain tried to wrap around what Hermione was asking her to do. The ninth, five o’clock, Chesterfield park she would bet she knew exactly where Hermione would be. The willow tree where Harry had proposed. She looked up and saw everyone in the room staring at her. Merlin’s beard! She thought as Harry then broke the silence.

“Ginny?” he asked as he started walking towards where she was sitting.

“Harry…she said she misses everyone.” the whole room gasped as they all were reacting with varying degrees of shock. Harry rushed forward to grab the letter but as soon as his fingers touched the parchment it burst into flames and Ginny squealed as they both let go of the parchment and everyone watched as it burnt to ashes. “She charmed it so only I could read it.”

“This is our Hermione we are talking about.” Ron said as he put his arm around his wife Luna.

“At least she answered this letter Harry.” Arthur said and Remus turned to look at Sirius who was leaning against the wall as if it was the only support that was keeping him on his feet. The pain in Sirius’s eyes caused Remus to stand and move to his friends side.

“Yea! March ninth! the day we started getting our Hermione back.” Fred called out and everyone turned as Ginny gasped and then she screamed.

“The Ninth! NO!” she grabbed Harry’s arm to check the time, four fifty-five. “No!” she then ran out of the house with everyone chasing after her when she was able to apparate away she disappeared with a pop.

“Bloody hell!” Sirius yelled as he stood by Harry and Remus in the front yard looking at the area where Ginny had just been standing.

“Apparently there was a time, date and place in that letter.” Remus said as he looked between Harry and Sirius. “Looks like now we are stuck waiting.” he heard Harry start ranting about how that’s all that they had been doing for the last two years and Sirius growl softly behind them.

Chesterfield Park

Ginny appeared at the park and as she the ran towards the willow tree where Harry had proposed to her three years ago she saw a brown headed woman wearing blue jeans and a blue jumper sitting leaning her back against the tree.

“Hermione!” she yelled and as the woman turned to look at where the voice was coming from Ginny raced forward crying. “Hermione! Where have you been?” Ginny demanded as the two young women reached each other, hugging, crying, talking over each other. There seemed to be a few minutes of happy chaos but Ginny was the first to pull away before tears could overcome them again. “Oh Hermione I have so missed you. How could you do this to me and to everyone else?”

“Ginny … breathe…are you alone?” Hermione said as she looked around half expecting to be swarmed by Harry, Ron and everyone else any second.

“Of course…I’m alone…I’m a woman of my word. Where have you been?” Ginny asked as they both looked at each other.

“Ginny send them a patronus telling them that you are fine and with me. You know how they are.” Hermione said as they started walking a little ways away from the willow towards the car parking lot.

“You have no idea.” Ginny said as she shot a patronus out of her wand and it flew away. “None of them are as bad as Sirius has been in their searches for you.” Ginny gasped as Hermione stiffened at her words.

“Sirius…but he died…I saw it..Bellatrix hit him after Harry killed Voldemort.” her eyes were full of tears. “I saw him in the tent with all the dead. Remember…” Hermione begged of her best friend.

“No Hermione … Sirius is fine, he was knocked unconscious then placed in the wrong tent with all the confusion I don’t think he was the only one that that happened to. It was a time of too much confusion.” Ginny said as she followed Hermione to the small blue car in the parking lot.

OHGODSOHGODSOHGODS…What have I done?” Hermione said more to herself than Ginny and she covered her face and hit the button to unlock the doors of her car.

“Hermione?” Ginny asked as she feared for her friend as she feared that Hermione was going to leave in the car with out her.

“Come on we have to leave.” she said as she got into her car and Ginny got into the passenger side of the car. “Before Harry traces you or your apparition.”


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