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Hello …*crickets*… anyone out there

Hello …*crickets*… anyone out there

Hello ... is anyone still out there?  I'm still moving. Got a lot more grey hair (but I hear that is in style now so Go me!) and I am very disappointed in myself on letting my site slide this far into radio silence.  Now that all the kids are grown and off doing...

She’s Alive!   Sorta freaking Flu!!

She’s Alive! Sorta freaking Flu!!

Hey Everyone !! Snicker I love you all!  Yes... yes... I have started rebuilding my own site so there are changes coming all the time.  Sorry I get bored.  It will be a few till I get all my author pages rebuilt but I am enjoying the new theme.  SO don't forget to...

Tarzan Screen caps are here!

Tarzan Screen caps are here!

There is no need to say more. I have linked in the full video.  Screen caps, clips of our beloved Alex and if you see another screen cap you want send me a note with the second mark in the full trailer and I will see what I can do. Full Trailer Now I am off to watch...

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

In case you haven't noticed I have been working on a complete site rebuild that I hope to have finished by this weekend.  But I FINALLY got my snow effect to work!  So get prepared for some new holiday snowing banners to come.  The first one up is for Karen. If you...

Charlie Hunnam Rocks!!

Charlie Hunnam Rocks!!

As those who work with me know I have been on a bit of a Charlie Hunnam kick recently.  So I have created a new page dedicated just to his characters.  Whether it is Jax, Raleigh, or Gavin I love them all.  So swing by when you have time and check out my new page.  It...

I Blame Harley!!!

I Blame Harley!!!

Hello everyone...Yes, I blame Harley...Yes ,she knows....and Yes, she takes full responsibility for it. So here is what happened I had a day off of work and thought hey why not spend the day reading. But none of my Eric stories had updated and I saw a post where...


Did that get everyone's attention?  Snicker  Today's video is for Gyllene for her story Lover's Amnesia.  I have to give a shout out to Rissa who helped me with the Sookie scenes I was digging for.  She knows it all!  I had been planning this one for a while and...

Hot dog diggty dog! *Ryan made me do it*

          Thank you EVERYONE! I could not believe I won I had forgotten and missed the ending of voting. Then today I got a message that the winners for the Fanatic Fanfics were announced.  The TrueBlood/SVM fandom represented well.  Go check...


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