Winners were announced…

Awe – you guys! You all are awesome! Makes me want to cry! Thanks for all who voted and participated in The Non-Canon Awards.   I was up for two awards Best Video and Best Banner.

Best Banner was for the Iron Men & Thunder Gods I made for Harley which placed……



Best video was also for Harley’s Iron Men & Thunder Gods


Which won Silver!!!


Thanks again everyone!!!  This just makes me want to go create more!!

Black Tie Affair

Hi everyone!!!! *waving wildly*

Do I have everyone’s attention?  Look who showed up in tuxes for my new website launch.  Soooo I have re-built my complete site. **Love you Gyllene you know what you did**  Yes, you read that right a complete re-build every page has been rebuilt.  There is just one more issue to fix and it will be live everywhere … I know if you are looking at it on a smart phone you just see code….give me a day or so and it will be fixed there too.  But computers, laptops, tablets, iPads and kindles they all just love this new theme. **Love you again Gyllene**   So please come on in look around, lots of beautiful things to look at, and maybe leave a comment or two.




  *Gasp*  Godric has mutinied the tux route and showed up like this.  I think the after party has started early!  Come join us!

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