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Hello all!

We (Gyllene and I) have a new site we have started a book blog, My Golden Reads.  So swing by and look, comment leave best wishes. There are deals and steals, reviews and lots and lots of books.  We update daily with new pages and posts.  Come join us!!!

Stay Golden ~ Robin

Man I Need to update more…

Man I Need to update more…

So sorry for all the non posts recently….but I have been busy.  Believe me I think there has been 7 or 8 new videos I have created for fellow authors since my last post.  I forget may have to go back and look. So click the nice snicker sexy gifs below to go to my new pages.  Remember the top video will always be the most recent.  Projects for the future…no fanfiction videos that I know of.  I was thinking of maybe doing some Black Dagger videos (those of you know who that is leave me a comment if you would watch those?)  So on to the good stuff.  Click the gif to go to that section.  sorry I got distracted

I now have a Banners page


A distraction page

A link and button page


AND a VIDEO page….



~Enjoy!  Robin

Man I Need to update more…

Who is the HOTTEST TV Vampire?

Afternoon gals!!! Since this all started here in this group with that other awful video list that stole 10 minutes from us. You guys will get first dibs on watching the “Official Kittyinaz Top Vampire” video. I own nothing and I have nothing so don’t come after me. This is for entertainment only. Any mistakes are mine alone. As it is currently going to take about another hour to be public so I can link it to a post on the website.  Please leave comments as I have been up all night making this and I am at the blurry stage now plus it has been years since I have made a video like this one. ENJOY!!!



Man I Need to update more…


Ha how insane is that!!!   I Won!


Thank you! Thank you !! Thank you !!! TO everyone who voted!  To all that help me daily survive this chaotic life!  I love you guys!  To all those I leave reviews too I am glad that you like them and I will continue to keep them coming on all the stories I love!



Man I Need to update more…


Holy flaming falling tennis balls!  I am speechless which is hard for a reviewer!  But I got Nominated for an award!  That is a first for me.  I was usually one of the last kids picked for kick ball too.  Man I am stunned.  So I will copy a review that I posted a while back that hopefully will get you thinking!


I posted this for Kittyinaz on her Tin Man story!.

Okay I am writing this as an over all review for readers looking to read this story, Tin Man. Yes, we all came to find Miss. Wendy’s lovely stories different ways. Thru friends, other blogs, other stories recommendations or maybe just surfing the internet. But when we got here some of us…yes me included…ignored this little story. (yes at this time it is only 8 chapters out there) Most of us go scrolling on by to get the True Blood, Twilight or Vampire Diary stories we eagerly wait for updates on. So I am going to say “HEY STOP!!!” Scroll back up to that one little story Stop it scroll back up, thank you and here is what you do. Almost everyone has Netflix now…if not come find me I will loan you my login…go and watch the Tin Man miniseries I am pretty sure it is on you tube too. It is in three parts. Great Story! (My daughter, Christina, now can’t get enough of that story thanks again Rissa) WATCH it all. Then go on the adventure with Cain, DG, AZ, Glitch, Raw, and everyone else. (don’t want to spoil it too much) You already know that Miss Wendy is a wonderful writer or you would not be here looking for story updates in the first place. So how can you doubt that this is not a good story too. I will be the first to say that Wendy and Rissa both converted me and I will continue to follow and read ALL of her stories. Not a single one has failed to be excellent yet!

Now on a second note…this is not just for this story but for ANY story we read. We are GREEDY and all beg our favorite authors for updates almost as soon as we finish reading a chapter that was published. But I want you to think for a few minutes how many times have you sat down at the end of a chapter and typed more than a few “Great chapter or Love it?” Now think back to how many hours it took any author to focus and get the correct story in their head and write a single chapter. Then you can’t take five minutes and tell what you like and didn’t like even. How it makes you feel when you are reading. All of these things help keep an author loving their work. We all know what happened to Harris who fell out of love with her characters and most believe she kept writing for the money. But I truly believe if we would spend a tenth of the time sending reviews with all the happiness or even confusion (I have sent those also) authors will respond with more chapters. I know when I wrote I did. Every time I new review came in it gave me a little buzz.

SO Wendy here is your BUZZ for this story … I Love it I wish there was more than 5 stars I could give it. I bow down to Rissa’s wisdom and Will continue till I have all the chapters of all your stories reviewed! Thank you for keeping us entertained and I hope you reach all your dreams.


Man I Need to update more…

WOW is all i can come up with to say!!!

It all started with one little blog


and then there were three



NOW!!! There are 11 counting my own.  I am in Whisperer heaven!!!  I want to thank each one of you for letting me help you with your sites!

Pumpkins with fall leaves Pumpkins with fall leaves

Pumpkins with fall leaves Pumpkins with fall leaves

Pumpkins with fall leaves Pumpkins with fall leaves

Pumpkins with fall leaves

What will be the next number!  Watch and see…I am off to play some more.

Thank you all I am having a blast!


Man I Need to update more…

WordPress whisper…reporting for duty!

Yeah not quite sure how that happened….I think it started in a group chat on facebook…and something about a screwed up update from WordPress.  But I have loved every minute of it.  Crash course in wordpress that started with helping

Ms Kittyinaz

kittyinaz  fix and straighten up her site.  That then blossomed into helping

Miss Rissa

missrissaand now

Ms Virginia


So I am having a blast and helping a lot.  So any one need help with their site.  Shoot me a message.  I have nothing but time to get it done.  SO I get to play and design and snickers hold sites hostage.  All in good fun!!  So stay tuned.



Man I Need to update more…

New job as a Beta

Evening all I have a new side job.  The adventurous one known as Kittyinaz has asked me to Beta one of her new stories.  JUMPS up and down excitedly yes me

It is called I never…did  all based on this picture.Image

Here is the summary:  What if Sookie had another meeting that no one knew about in Fairy?  One that when she returned home, she knew more than when she left, if she knew about herself, and about who really loves her?  Where would TB go from there?  Starts In Season 4, no idea how far we will take this.

So Everyone Go read!!!   NOW!!


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