Hello …*crickets*… anyone out there

Hello …*crickets*… anyone out there

Hello … is anyone still out there? 

I’m still moving. Got a lot more grey hair (but I hear that is in style now so Go me!) and I am very disappointed in myself on letting my site slide this far into radio silence.  Now that all the kids are grown and off doing “grown up” things they don’t tell me and I don’t ask so I can stay out of trouble.  I FINALLY have time for things I want to do shhh don’t tell them.  At least that is my hope.  Maybe a site redesign and getting all my lost images posted again. The list could get long very fast.  I even found a few minutes to play in photoshopland recently see the images below. Hope to have more posts soon!  Thanks for sticking around.

She’s Alive!   Sorta freaking Flu!!

She’s Alive! Sorta freaking Flu!!

Hey Everyone !!

Snicker I love you all!  Yes… yes… I have started rebuilding my own site so there are changes coming all the time.  Sorry I get bored.  It will be a few till I get all my author pages rebuilt but I am enjoying the new theme.  SO don’t forget to subscribe (don’t worry I don’t blast your email with posts) or join my facebook page to be updated with changes and new images or videos made.


I was awakened by confetti this morning! You know who you are!  Thank you to all who voted for The Shield of Anarchy video I made for Harley.  The Non-Canon awards were announced last night and I won First in Best Video.  I am still shocked it was nominated.




And just so Harley can have people watch again here is the video that won.   Here is a link to the story because it is still one of my most favorites and I am still in denial it is over.  I want to forget it all so I can read it new again!  The Shield of Anarchy by Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel

Click the Awards banner below to see the rest of the winners!


Now just to Tease click below to see what I am working on soon!   Below is the intro titles to my next video and I have muted the song so that it will be a surprise also!



Thanks again everyone!


Tarzan Screen caps are here!

Tarzan Screen caps are here!

There is no need to say more.

I have linked in the full video.  Screen caps, clips of our beloved Alex and if you see another screen cap you want send me a note with the second mark in the full trailer and I will see what I can do.

Full Trailer

Now I am off to watch it another couple hundred times!



AKA 4padfoot

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

In case you haven’t noticed I have been working on a complete site rebuild that I hope to have finished by this weekend.  But I FINALLY got my snow effect to work!  So get prepared for some new holiday snowing banners to come.  The first one up is for Karen.

If you would like one leave me a comment and I will see what I can do for you!



Update:  I went a little snow crazy.



Charlie Hunnam Rocks!!

Charlie Hunnam Rocks!!

As those who work with me know I have been on a bit of a Charlie Hunnam kick recently.  So I have created a new page dedicated just to his characters.  Whether it is Jax, Raleigh, or Gavin I love them all.  So swing by when you have time and check out my new page.  It has the most recent photoshop edits and even the lastest music video which was a Jax tribute.  I will hopefully have more soon.



Click the gif below to go to Charlie’s Treasures page


I Blame Harley!!!

I Blame Harley!!!

Hello everyone…Yes, I blame Harley…Yes ,she knows….and Yes, she takes full responsibility for it. So here is what happened I had a day off of work and thought hey why not spend the day reading. But none of my Eric stories had updated and I saw a post where Harley had updated her crossover story The Shield of Anarchy (you can find this addictive story HERE  (but you have been warned!)  At that time she only had 17 chapters up I devoured the whole story in one day.  Here is my review I left her over it…

Well, Hello Ms Harley. Yes it is me. I just want you to know…YOU ARE EVIL!!!!!!!! I was off work Friday sick and I saw a post for your story and I was like what the heck I know absolutely nothing about Sons of Anarchy so let me read this. 17 freaking chapters later I am now a twitching mess jonesing for new chapter. *Yes, when will that be coming out please.* I then combed through Fanfiction.net *YES can you believe it you sent me back there looking for another story, how evil masterminding of you!* So I will see how many reviews for your chapters I can get written tonight since I have no new chapters *bats eyelashes*.

I could not find any other stories to read for this fandom hint hint my author friends get to writing!!  So I decided to watch the show.  Holy Hell I sat and watched 4 seasons before I went back to work the next week.  I love Jax.  Hate Tara.  This started the idea of making a Jax Tribute video to  thank Harley for her giving me another addiction.  grumbles do I have a new chapter to read yet Harley???  So look forward to more Jax videos soon.


I have uploaded this to youtube located below but if youtube processing screws up my video like it has been doing recently I will also load this here on my site.  The HD version is just too pretty so I advise watching if you have the option.

And don’t forget to leave me a comment with your favorite part.  Me it has to be at 3:33 snicker just watch you will agree with me   I think I have watched the full video two dozen times so far.  Who will beat my record?



Here is also a link if you don’t like the youtube processed version.  It is the full HD version

HD Version




To Protect My Kin by TB Viking Addict’s Video is live!!

To Protect My Kin by TB Viking Addict’s Video is live!!

This video gave me fits for months it seems.  7 different songs, restarted I don’t know how many times.  But it is finally finished and it looks good on my screens.  How about yours?

Watch in 1080HD it was rendered that way for best viewing!!

You know how crappy Youtube processing is.  Screws up great videos.

This has been a favorite story of mine since I first found it months ago. With a lot of blood, sweat and tears it is finally finished. I highly suggest you go read it after watching the video of course!!  🙂

In Dallas, Godric doesn’t make it to Sookie in time to save her from Gabe and she’s dying when he arrives. Sookie convinces Godric not to meet the sun and he decides to turn her. When she rises, they discover Sookie has some extra gifts. Godric decides they need to move closer to his progeny, Eric, for her protection. A Vampire Sookie Story. Not for Bill fans. Mainly Season 3 plot.





Did that get everyone’s attention?  Snicker  Today’s video is for Gyllene for her story Lover’s Amnesia.  I have to give a shout out to Rissa who helped me with the Sookie scenes I was digging for.  She knows it all!  I had been planning this one for a while and before I go on vacation I wanted to get it finished…and who knows maybe another video might get finished this weekend.  So you will notice some new videos that were not on the music video page before.  Yes, I have two accounts on you tube.  My second account is D.H.S. (Dark Hunter Sanctuary) so I loaded the three videos here too for those who like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s world.  So remember that is me too. I may go back and start adding some Black Dagger Brotherhood videos soon to.  Lots of ideas and now that I have driven Gyllene nuts click her banner below to be taken to view her new video.



Or check out all my videos by clicking on Eric!



More Later!!



Hot dog diggty dog! *Ryan made me do it*






Thank you EVERYONE!

I could not believe I won I had forgotten and missed the ending of voting. Then today I got a message that the winners for the Fanatic Fanfics were announced.  The TrueBlood/SVM fandom represented well.  Go check out the winners (Meridian, Bertie Bott, Kittyinaz, Harleen, Mommy4Thomas) and even the ones who didn’t.  They are all excellent stories and there are some very creative people out there.


Thank you again!  I will have to make something to celebrate.


(AKA 4padfoot)

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